All I want for Christmas is a refund

Please Santa it is my only wish this year


Im also getting bored of waiting for my Librem 5. Bought it in 2019. Hard to believe its taking this long.


I have also bought mine in 2019. Still nothing. I want a refund and they won’t grant it.

In a way its my own fault. I knew spending a lot of money on a niche product like this would end in disaster. My gut instinct was the right one but did I listen?! Did I heck as like.

I decided to let my trust in people win me over. I was wrong.

My librem 5 is at customs and they want £135 for the duty. I cant get my head around it. 17% import tax.

This is nothing Purism can change. To Germany it cost 128 € for me. Phone price: 649 USD in June, 2019.

That’s probably VAT, mate.