All system stuttering while Blender Eevee rendering amination

Software: Debian 10 with Xfce4 (X11). Compositor is disabled.
I tried new Blender eevee engine and when i render animation, all my system stuttering. Eevee is mixed CPU and GPU load.
I tried to

  • limit GPU frequency with “intel_gpu_frequency” (“intel-gpu-tools” package)
  • change power limit using MSR registers. Now i have infinity turbo-boost, but CPU+GPU still limited to 25 Watts. When Blender render animation, CPU use 15 Watt and GPU use 10 Watt. I don’t recommend to disable power limit, because laptop become noizy and CPU reaches 80C temperature.
  • change CPU frequency with “cpupower frequency-set” (“linux-cpupower” package)

and it doesn’t fix stuttering. Also, everything stuttering except the mouse cursor.

Also i found stuttering in ClassiCube, when you saw many transparent objects in 2560x1440 resolution, you get stuttering.

It can be a memory frequency bottleneck? I have 16GiB in single slot. My friend said me that DualChannel can give more performance especially for integrated graphics, but i have only one memory slot. But can i install faster RAM in this laptop? It support 3200 MHz or something similar?

How to fix stuttering?

can’t find a link to RECCOMENDED SYS requirements but the igpu is a very bad idea in Blender. best for modeling/display-only is a pro (quadro or radeonPro) dedicated card in a laptop/desktop.

2.79 might be still a better alternative performance wise. glad you started this thread :wink:

First, this bug is not Blender only. It appears in ClassiCube and other places with many transparent objects.
Second, 2.79 is not better alternative because Eevee is much efficient than Cycles in any hardware, and much beautiful than ‘Blender render’ in 2.79.
Third, my GPU is supported by Blender Eevee:

Also, preview mode works fine. Stuttering appear only on final rendering.

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supported doesn’t mean it is recommended it just means that it will work (however slow/limiting that will be).
sorry but iGPUs with open-source drivers don’t hold a candle to the dedicated/proprietary ones in 3D/CAD accelerated stuff. it’s just a painfull experience (again doesn’t mean it doesn’t work).

2.8 isn’t even officialy released yet and i’m waiting to see a few a,b,c versions first before i jump on the band-wagon. yes it has the most potential out of all the blender versions so far but it’s still very new.

Blender 2.8 is very good even with HD Graphics. But this does not negate stuttering in other 3D programs. They just happen much less often.

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first time seeing this format ! thank you for posting !