Alternate Wallpaper & Icon sets

One thing people enjoy doing is customizing their phone to fit their style and personality. One of many ways this is done is by wallpaper (to include lock-screen) and icon set choices. Not everyone likes the default choices. Note how I did not mention theming which seems to mess with the GTK shell, just icons and wallpaper options. Now if we can have such options available for users to apply to their phones that would be great. Obviously this would be applied in the settings section of the phone. With that said, does anyone have any suggestions as to what icon sets and/or wallpapers might look great on the Librem 5?

My suggestions would be:
Suru/Yaru Icon Set

Paper Icon Set

I think minimalist wallpapers would work well in this form-factor.
Examples would be like the following:

…and so on. Any other suggestions?

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