Alternative Web Browsers for ARM Linux

Hi, I recently received my pinephone, and one thing I’ve focused on is getting a web browser working well. Firefox, the default option for my arch_mobile+phosh distro, is a bit too resource intensive and unstable. I like going without javascript to the extent that I can, but I have struggled a bit to find a lightweight web browser that works well and is currently maintained. Has anyone had good luck with alternative web browsers on their Librem 5’s?

What I’ve looked at so far:

Netsurf seems like an amazing project, but I cannot get the keyboard to appear/cannot reliably select text input boxes on a page. Also, Netsurf seems unmaintained for the past two years.

Lynx works great and that is what I have been using most. Unfortunately, no new Lynx release since 2018.

Links browser seems interesting and the most recently maintained. However, I could not find an ARM build.

I could not find any Servo-based web browser.

There are several Qt-based browsers. I don’t like Qt very much, so I didn’t have much incentive to try very hard with these, but the few that I tried (qutebrowser), failed due to lack of dependencies.


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One useful thing that has come from this effort is discovering Seems like a great resource, and it makes me much more likely to use duckduckgo versus alternatives.


The default web browser on the Librem 5 is Gnome Web. It mostly works. Is a little buggy, and quite slow. May be better on byzantium. I’m still on amber.

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Nice! I like Gnome Web/Epiphany much better than firefox so far. It seems more minimalistic and less clunky. I also never realized that WebKit was open source. Definitely learning a lot recently.

Badwolf looks amazing, but is not adaptive to mobile screen.

I want to look into helping add adaptive support, but I’m not sure where to start. I think I remember @dos referring to resources for getting started with libhandy development? Would libhandy be helpful to make a browser adaptive?

If you are using Firefox on the PinePhone, check whether you have also installed the mobile-config-firefox package, which is being developed by postmarketOS and makes Firefox much more usable. Here is a package for Arch.

You can also install chromium.


Yes, Chromium is the graphical browser that is working best for me right now, although I mostly just use lynx, as that works by far the most reliably.

That firefox mobile config did come pre-installed.