Am I allowed to share 3D printable phone cases in here?


Like I said in the Title but more elaborative. I have been experimenting with designing a 3D case for the Librem 5 that will come in two parts: the 1st being the soft flexible material that wraps around the phone and the second hard shell that locks the soft material in place thus creating a hard shock proof casing, light yet so strong while still have full access to the buttons, switches and even the sim/sd card tray.

I have already built one for myself and would like to experiment with different kinds of casings for everyone to use for free (although, would like to provide a donation link of sorts, no pressure though)

I would love to share with you all what I have so far (will be looking into where I shall make my cases downloadable from), but I would like to know if sharing these things is okay to do within these forums.

I just would like to know that I am not doing anything stupid and the likes.


Why not?

FYI, there’s even a dedicated Matrix channel for people creating 3D-printed cases for the Librem 5:


Maybe share a photo or two here…?

Sure. Here are the screengrabs of my case in it’s earlier design:


…And this is the one that I currently have with some slight modifications.

You probably can’t tell at first glance, but I’ve added a bar above the gap for the switches and sim/sd card tray access to make sure that it holds the inner soft material as well as give this area a hard shell too


There are a few tweaks I want to make before sharing the file. I have already printed mine out, so I will share pictures of my device once I get the chance.

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Thanks, I definitely will check them out

Oh, sorry. I probably should’ve have replied to you with images. I’ve posted them in this Topic

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Looks very nice. How does it perform with regards to heat escape, since the L5’s frame is acting as heat sink?

To be honest, I was too focused on shock proofing the case to consider the heat sink.

When you say ‘the frame’ do you mean all of the frames surrounding the sides of the phone, or the area around the screen?

It’s sounding like I have to go back to the drawing board, so to speak.

Measure first? I wouldn’t redesign if the thermals are OK - with the disclaimer that your pattern of usage may differ from someone else’s. For example, if someone else is doing convergence then the Librem 5 may be running harder than for someone just doing casual phone usage.

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This. The metal frame.

I would think a few well-placed open gaps here and there, on the sides and back would be enough. I’m no expert on that, but that’s how other forum-members were doing it. (Search for “case for librem 5” to see examples.)

The case itself looks pretty good.
If you don’t mind please share photos of final product (with phone) as well.
I’m assuming you will be sharing 3D printable files ?

Yeah, that is the plan. It would be awesome for myself to finally add some contribution towards something useful for others.

Here are some of the pictures of the one that I have printed out. I think I will edit and raise the brim/edges around the screen, particularly the left and right sides to make sure the screen itself is well protected.

As for the pictures I have just taken, I some a bulk of them here.

Uploading: IMG_20230216_044424.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20230216_044435.jpg…

If anyone wants more of a specific area, don’t be afraid to ask. Any criticism will be helpful.


BTW, the hardshell part was printed using Poly carbonate (PC), and for some reason it causes the some lack of details on the printed objects; in case anyone notices why the details are missing from the 3D screengrabs I’ve shared earlier.

I’ll be checking them out, thanks.

I have just checked the details in the mobile settings comparing the heating of the CPU, graphics etc with and without the protective casing (even with the software bump material and without the PC hardshell) and I haven’t noticed any changes in the temperatures, but I haven’t tried it with say Convergence, for example.

But I’ll look into adding some holes just so I can play it safe.

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I just not notification they’re going to ship. Since phone cases are not in the store (but a privacy screen is), how do I order this?

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The phone case I’ve designed? Well, I haven’t provided a link as of yet to download the said items for 3d printing for free (I may start a donation pool, no pressure) however if you meant buying the physical printed item, I haven’t even considered going to that stage.

Besides, I still need to make certain tweaks to the model before releasing it to the public.

Since I don’t own a 3D printer, yes you guessed correctly. Keep me in mind with you go into production.

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Sure, I’ll do that. Bare in mind, I’m from the EU, so I don’t know how convenient it would be to ship to where ever you are + delivery costs.