Amazing New Holochain Technology - It's Open Source

Has anyone else here heard about holochain technology? Information via the link below, discusses an open source software with amazing properties. It has authentication and encryption comparable to blockchain. Every node is an integrated part of the application service. It tends to function more like a biological organism, than like any client/server relationship. It can’t be de-platformed. Spoofing is impossible. Maybe this is something that should be put in to PureOS. At the bottom of each page (link below), has an arrow that takes you to the next page. The presentation is several pages long and covers a lot about architecture.


Nice view on communication solutions. This goes back to the early days where one side could act both as a client and as a server. Just like normal human communication. Mostly for tech. reasons this model is transformed in a sort of Teacher - student (or Shop owner - customer) model: one socket asks for help and the other provides …

I hope holochain technology will one day be mainstream and every system be equal (some will, of course, be more equal).


I was looking for Holochain on this forum, because I beleive in this project. It gives power back to the people, because of decentralisation. I even ordered (currently not in stock anymore) a Holoport to join the community. Hope Purism can add Holochain or support Holochain. :slight_smile:

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