An Epiphany regarding Purebrowser – Purism

just duplicating here … patience got thin :stuck_out_tongue:

for people who haven’t yet or are looking forward to Fir (L5v2 in 2020q4+) the following article also relates and is useful for droids’ out there … fresh out of the “oven”


The only way that I found to avoid the trap of Surveillance Capitalism is to install LineageOS which doesn’t include Google’s proprietary spyware and then only use apps that I can find in the F-Droid repository, like the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser, Telegram for chatting and Osmand~ for navigation. The drawback is that you have to buy a phone that has a really good port of LineageOS, so you have to limit your choices and can’t buy anything that was just released on the market.


notice that using a VPN is quite far down the page :sweat_smile:

I saw that, but I think the aim of the article is “privacy from google,” and a VPN doesn’t do anything in that regard besides IP addresses.

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indeed but Proton could have used it as #1 to promote their VPN services … :wink: and their email :smiley: but hey if you’re reading it directly from their blog yourself and not following anybody’s links then it’s probably better not to :wink:

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Nice to see a modern article on how the everyman can do-his-best to secure the Android (as much as possible) without root.

Thanks for link. Will share it.


I thought I would get their VPN for an extra few bucks a month , since I already pay for email, but no, it’s even more expensive than email subscription. I got Nord VPN for a quarter of the price with more features. No clue, why proton charges so much for that service. Am I missing something?

I’m interested in Epiphany or Gnome Web. I didn’t know that is was made from the ground up. I thought it was just a skinned version of Firefox.

Does anyone know about its rendering limitations? I saw already that it isn’t compatible with the Facebook beta interface. (not serious at all, just an observation) Wondering if it really is something I can start to rely on for web browsing.

Also is it better from a power use stand point. Trying to save battery life on the laptop is a constant struggle with Linux.

I’ve tried to replace ff with it on my laptop but unfortunatelly found it to be (sometimes much) more cpu hungry, so I flipped back to FF. Somehow it doesn’t do well with idle time, esp when I have this forum opened :slight_smile:
So no, it doesn’t help battery, rather opposite.

Epiphany doesn’t run very well on debian buster, it’s a bity sluggish, while firefox is a lot smoother and faster. Anyhow this is not a strong concern but privacy feature is, since firefox have a lot of must have addons and can also be tuned on about:config page, so i do not really understand how is it possible to be more secure/private with epiphany.
I’ve saw regular firefox video on pinephone working very well, ofc the UI is the main issue, but if someone worked on it, the browser seems to work perfectly

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Stock Web has a nice Ui though. I love how clean it is. The rendering engine needs work I guess.

yea, it’s nice, and using webkit engine. But webkit while is a nice html rendering widget a bit lagging behind full-blown browser (which is the reason all other modern webkit based browsers forked it).
XUL on the other hand while a nice engine is an awful widget.

It’s about stock options versus endless chase behind security. Firefox is usability oriented so to make it privacy oriented you need to apply various customisations/tweaks. But you cannot just write single script to convert usability to privacy as with each release something is changing breaking your scripted playbook. And if you missed that - you failed your promise to deliver secure privacy oriented browser. which may have heavy implications on trust/reputation.

Call me paranoid, but in these situations the question for me would be “why is NordVPN charging so little?”

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Do a little searching on nordvpn. I was a customer of theirs for about 3 years. I tried finding out about that company’s management and had dead end on dead end. They’ve had several breaches as well and have been very quite about sharing details on those breaches.

On the other hand Proton is probably the most transparent company I know. They explain everything and tell you where your money goes. As a VPN service is as much about performances as it is trust, I find ProtonVPN to just be a better deal. I have more trust in a company I can see, versus one I cannot. It helps they I am also protonmail customer. I am also very much looking forward to their calendar solution.


in order to “lift” our spirits up



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I’m sure that TaskAffinity has its uses, but I can’t believe nobody thought to themselves “y’know, I bet malware could use this to pretend to be something else.”

I am really interested about Epiphany, and I understand the reason why Purism tries to replace the browser in terms of development / maintenance.

In fact, Firefox is great, but it is too much influenced by their donators. This is maybe why we can find too much non-privacy things in it (Google and Co engines, VPN, …) and also Sync, health telemetry, and all those things you have to disable in about:config each time you install this browser in a computer/smartphone (and some new parameter appearing after an update).

Sometime, you need just a web browser. Something light, without problematic options, without tracking or influence from donators, and I think Epiphany can be the best browser for it.

However, the only thing I really ask to them is : we are in 2019 -> PLEASE, make the Web Extensions compatible !!!

Not only “We have an integrated adblock”, no, I want to chose what I block, which script I enable/disable, which cookie I delete and when, which redirecting I block, etc.

I already have asked this to the GNOME team and they would like to implement the Web Extensions, however, there is no news since 3 months. So I really hope Epiphany will have such feature, because then, this browser can become a strong competitor.


I think extension is a must in 2020 so i still do not understand how epiphany could be a better secure and privacy option instead of firefox