An intro into gnu/emacs 2019 style


posting this link here for anybody looking to get into gnu/emacs

if you want a trully extensible lisp text editor that can behave like an OS then this is it.

more powerfull than vim but also has a higher learning curve unless you use EVIL mode and make it behave like vim for super efficient text editing.


I just started fiddling with Emacs Lisp last week :slight_smile: It is fun. I’ve also used Emacs’ web-browser, and some of the games built in.

It is a lot of fun.


quite honestly i’ve never seen a software documented like this one and it’s all built in.

i mean it’s dr.Stallmans’ baby for sure (1 milion lines of code - more or less ?) not all of it written by his hands but a good portion none-the-less.

the other learning materials are also very good but a little old. now just get this piece of software to be learned in schools around the world and we’d be set …

are some of the best i know so far … if anyone has anything better paid or otherwise let us know please …