Android 11 alternative camera app restriction

Beginning with Android 11, Google will force you apps requesting the camera to only use the built-in camera app. Google says it’s to protect users and their privacy. Really looking forward to evergreen and getting out from under these types of shenanigans.


If you read that link you’ll see that it forces the user to use the default video app in a very specific scenario, only when there’s an third-party app asking to capture a photo for it. If you would press on a generic “camera” shortcut (such as on the lock screen or home screen) it would still allow you to have a third party camera app. So I think your title and description is sensationalist.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s the wrong way to solve the issue.


Now I am so suspicious about ALL apps that I mainly see them as spy programs. The advertised function is simply a honey trap. And every time I think I have been a little bit too paranoid it turns out that on the contrary I have been too blue-eyed … I try to install open apps but on Android and other closed systems you never know where your private information ends up.
I do not have anything to hide but I still want to control what information I share. This is the main reason I go with Librem 5.


Yeah, I misinterpreted.


This change does not affect users’ capability to install and use any camera app to capture images or videos directly. A user can set a third party camera app as the default camera app.

Would be nice if you could change the topic’s title accordingly.


Very much agree! As for android camera apps, Open Camera (open source, installable from F-droid) is pretty good.

Yes, I am using that one and many others from F-droid. But there are apps that I cannot uninstall even if I never use them and that worries me a bit (Moto G6). I also wonder if I should update them or not ? In principle a new version should be safer but it can also contain more sophisticated spyware …

So I look forward to getting my Librem5 (Evergreen) where I can do what I want and check all the programs if I want to.

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What was the name of recent cartoon movie where the personal robot assistants were going to blow up with the next upgrade? They had that f-droid green glow, and would turn red before they were about to blow up.