Android Librem Tunnel crashes when tapping rocket icon

#1 vpn tunnel
android 4.X

CLI Client
Tunnel Docs

According to installation instructions :

open tunnel app
tap the rocket icon - lower right corner
enter username and password

On my samsung galaxy note 10.1 with android 4.X tapping the rocket icon crashed the app.


Find the url to download the librem one ovpn file ( vpn config file) on the CLI client source page
Download the ovpn file with a browser.
Rename the ovpn file it in accordance with Tunnel docs
copy it to the “/Android/data/one.librem.tunnel/files” folder (just to store it and know what it was)
open the tunnel app
tap the plus icon in the upper left corner to add a profile
tap the import link in the profile pop up dialog, no need to fill in any fields
navigate to and select the librem-one.ovpn file I just downloaded

It took me a while to figure this out, so I’m posting this just in case other users run into the same problem and can’t find a workaround.