Animatch is a good game

Just wanted to recommend the game. I mean it is easy to recommend the game that shows up on the store, but it is actually good.

Played it with my son. Was pretty fun and relaxing honestly. Just wanted to let y’all know.


Fun fact: It is developed by someone who is working for Purism :grinning:


The game was commissioned by Purism and developed by Holy Pangolin, which consists of Agata Nawrot (who did art, animations, level design and most of game design) and myself (programming).

Fun fact: the Animatch project involved working on SDL’s Wayland support (which was in very poor shape back then) and fixing bugs in several Wayland compositors, so it kinda built the foundations for many other games and multimedia apps running on phones these days. I meant to write a technical blog post on all the work that went into it… sadly, never did and I’m afraid I’m going to have a hard time trying to remind myself all the details if I wanted to write it now :frowning:

Long time ago Agata has already prepared several assets for future updates (music, landscape backgrounds, bunch of new mechanics), but they’re still waiting for being actually implemented into the game.


I love the game, too! Thank you @dos for your great work!

Awesome well good work. Love the game. Only sad part is I already beat it haha. Would be cool to have a leader board server and an “end game” competition style with randomized maps or something? I don’t know. Then it could be played for all eternity… :smiley: Is this a Qt app?

There is a randomized “inifinite” level accessible at the bottom of the main menu. The game also keeps the high scores for levels (~/.local/share/Holy Pangolin/Animatch/SuperDerpy.ini), but doesn’t use them it any way yet (and to be honest, we didn’t really have any plans to use them; it was done “just in case”).

No, it’s written using Allegro and my own homegrown “engine” (it’s a rather big word for it, but kinda fills such role ;)).

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I wouldn’t waste time playing mobile games. On Steam or GOG you can find games for $8 that are hundred times better than Animatch or any other open source game.

The company name is purism and while I agree with your sentiment mobile games still have a place and in this case it is still technically a linux game as well right? :smiley:

Love me some Steam games though. I have a huge library and love Valve for what they are doing for Linux gaming. Even bought 3 Steam decks and sent two to family members.