Announcement: Librem Social going down for Emergency Maintenance

Announcement to all Librem Social Members:

Summary: Librem Social will be offline starting at 22:00UTC for a few hours for emergency maintenance.

We need to take Librem Social down later today at 22:00 UTC to perform some emergency maintenance (we must migrate it to a completely new enviroment as we are out of options to expand the storage in its current environment). This outage will take a number of hours as we must snapshot and migrate the data to a new datacenter. We apologize in advance for this prolonged outage and the short notice. Once the instance is moved we will have many more options to manage storage needs in the future.


The emergency maintenance was completed successfully. Librem Social is now on new infrastructure and we shouldn’t have to take such drastic steps in the future.

Glad to hear the maintenance went smoothly and that this reduces the probability of needing a similar outage window going forward.

Shouldn’t the last updated date reflect this outage? I would have expected the status page to have reflected being down for maintenance.

Also, the top right corner, not sure what’s supposed to be there but for me that didn’t render properly. Minor, but maybe something worth a quick glance at.


Honestly, I had completely forgotten about that status page existing. It was a pretty last minute emergency maintenance. We had hoped storage would last long enough for us to do a better, off-hours maintenance window with proper notifications and days of warning, but we risked filling up the disk so we had to take immediate action.


Sounds like an opportunity to review processes and add the status page updates to the processes :slightly_smiling_face:
Maybe we can get a bonus and add historical information (going forward) similar to other status pages for other online services that track outages and other disruptions on their respective status pages?

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Librem Social 1.0.3 is still not working for me on my iPhone! Is the app no longer supported or updated on iOS?

See attached screenshot.

We had to de-prioritize our development on iOS due to Apple’s flagging of our Librem Tunnel app:

I would suggest in the mean time using one of the other Mastodon clients on iOS. Your Librem Social credentials should work the same.

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Sure, no worries.