Annoying Carrier Texts

Here is a question while I wait for my modem email. (<— That is humor.)

I’m in the U.S. for the sake of this question.

My carrier sends texts about the bill. Saying it’s is due in X number of days even though I have already paid in advance. Some days later when they post it in accounting they send another text effectively saying “thanks”. Essentially interrupting my day or scaring the shit out of me when driving prompting me to pull over and see what it was. (Because I’m not expecting them.)

Is there a carrier in the U.S. that does not send these texts?

I’ll even accept a crappy service area just to avoid these texts.

(When I say “carrier”, I mean the company I pay for my phone number regardless of other technical definitions.)

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An alternative solution … once you have your Librem 5, can you put in SMS handling rules that e.g. allow some SMS notifications to be suppressed or e.g. allow some SMSs to be filed without showing up as new SMSs at all?

This is by analogy with mail handling rules that some mail clients support.

Once you have control of your own device, you are limited only by your imagination e.g. could use rules to convert an SMS into an email or e.g. could delay the notification if you are driving (phone can sense your speed of movement averaged over the last X minutes?).

In my opinion this is a better solution than changing provider (carrier).


Verizon sends SMS to thank me for auto payment. Once.

Ah, thanks. Of course I don’t know all the capabilities of this new device.

(Not that I think anyone knows them all, except maybe the H/W engineer. And software spins it further.)

For clarity, I was not suggesting that this is a capability of the device at Day 1 or even X months later. At least though it potentially has that capability, even if you have to write the code yourself. It is your device. You get to decide what it does (and does not).

Woo hoo! Thanks again. Now all I have to do is dig up my FORTRAN manuals.


I’m guessing you are serious. Cough. Have you looked into support for FORTRAN on this platform? A more tricky aspect would be getting suitable APIs and bindings. I’m guessing not too many people are writing APIs that are designed to work well with FORTRAN.

No I’m not serious at all. Although I do have some FORTRAN manuals. I’m willing to accept some younger coder’s code for this regardless of language.

I turn off all notifications except the ones from my credit card transactions. I only get those notifications from them, each and every time I use my credit card, but never any other time. I tell those people who matter to me, to call if anything is urgent. Then I check my text messages when I want to check them. If I ever get a notification and didn’t just use my Visa card, I know without even checking that it’s about credit card fraud. Nothing else is urgent enough to bother me on someone else’s schedule.

I really get bothered when verizon does something involving my phone that only they can do, because of their unique access as my phone provider. The same is true when Microsoft does something in software (a unique rule, feature, or exception to how application software is supposed to work in Windows), made possible because of their special access. The same goes for the little advertising in Android that doesn’t go away when you click on the x in the upper-right corner and it doesn’t close. All of that will be a thing of the past with the L5. None of them are special and they all need to get in line with everyone else, and go by the rules. If they don’t keep the rules, I want to block them completely. The same goes for spoofed phone numbers from robo-callers. Why would I ever choose to do business to someone who lied to me about their identity as a means of violating my boundries (to prevent me from blocking them)?


I’ll also presume there is a good call blocker out there. Not one of those free Android things that has a blocked limit or chock full of ads unless you pay up.

They say, a determined Real Programmer can write FORTRAN programs in any language