Annoying messages about charging and discharging on Qubes OS


My problem is very similar to the problem described in this topic - [L14 Battery] Constant discharge + Charge in Qubes - #41 by kate.mason . If I remember correctly, then at first the problem was absolutely identical to the problem above, but after I followed the instructions from that topic on this link Install librem-ec-acpi-dkms in Qubes ($1170) · Snippets · Snippets · GitLab the nature of the problem has changed a bit. Now the charge does not change within 95-100%, now it just freezes at 97% or 98% or 99% and then does not change, only messages constantly appear that battery charging has started or that the battery is fully charged. I am concerned about these messages, namely how they may affect the battery capacity. I am also annoyed by these endless messages about the beginning and end of charging. I am using Librem 14 with Qubes OS 4.2 . I also use the latest version of Librem-EC.

Perhaps someone can suggest something about this?

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Did you upgrade Qubes OS from 4.1 to 4.2, or did you do a full reinstall?

Yes, it was fresh install

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It may be possible to suppress notifications regarding the battery, but I do not see any documentation or threads explaining the process.

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I wrote to support and they came up with an idea that solved both my problems with notifications and with constant battery charging/discharging. I changed the value of charge_control_start_threshold to 80% and charge_control_end_threshold to 85%. Initially, I had values of 90% and 100%, respectively, After these actions, my problems were solved. As it turned out, the EC driver is not accurate enough to determine the battery charge at 100% and because of this, the problem actually arose.