Another delay in the delivery of the Librem 5

Third quarter of 2019. And, in addition, they have raised the price.

Are you happy with this other delay, forum users?

How will they reward us?

Update: I appreciate the creation of a phone like Librem 5, but I think that they have had many delays and that Purism could have had better communication with us. In the comments you can see that there are more people who are upset. None of us wants a half-done mobile, we’ll wait a few more months. However, I think it would be good for Purism to write an article that has as its main reason to explain such a large delay in delivery.


Yes I’m happy, if it means I’m going to get the smartphone of my dreams.
And even if I wanted to change my terrible iPhone ASAP I know what I signed for when I pre-ordered the L5 and I don’t really care about a retribution. (well if Purism really wanted to give me something I’d say that a few months of PureVPN would be a nice thing)


Next delay: third quarter of 2025.

That’s not very nice to say and I trust Purism so I think that this time is going to be the good one. (unless other complications shows up but I gotta say that until now they kept a steady pace and they just got unlucky with the CPU issue so I’m pretty confident)


With an awesome phone that respects our privacy.

That’s beside the point. The delay is happening, so it must be necessary, so what’s the point in complaining about it? They’re still making the phone, and the phone is very much worth waiting for.

They’ve been talking about that since at least January, if not before.

Hope these answers to your question helped.


Personally, i dont’ care about delays, i was actually expecting them. I mean, it’s not an easy task, they’ve chosen to build a phone from scratch, designing it in an innovative way and without previous experience. As long as my Galaxy s2 can keep working… i’m fine :smiley:


Yeah it was too quiet so a delay was too be expected. I’m just happy they were able to fix the issues with software updates for the imx8 and that we aren’t getting the mini version. Having the quad means getting a more powerful phone. It releasing later will also mean more apps on launch as everyone has more time to develop :slight_smile:


By getting us a FOSS phone that works and respects our privacy is good enough for me.


The delay doesn’t surprises me. The project is challenging and I have been part of smaller projects with bigger delays. I only hope, that they have enough reserves, because 3 months delay means also 3 months payment for the team and other running costs. Can we do something?


From what I can tell, Purism’s growth has been quite nice. Some recent interviews with Todd Weaver (including in his testimony here: ) suggest triple digit growth a few years in a row.

Additionally, some projections from @Caliga (I think - hope I got the right user) suggest Purism has sold ~5000 Librem 5 units, despite their initial goal of only 2500. If they were confident they could make it with 2500 sold, then 5000 sold should certainly provide some cushion.

Of course, supporting Purism is something I consider worthwhile, so if you want to do something to help, just buy more of their stuff :slight_smile:


I have just ordered the librem 5. But I did not see any change in the long announced pre-order price. Did I miss something?

I am not surprised about the delay.

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I am not happy. I am not mad. Maybe a little sad since I’ve been dreaming of having it on April so I can show me friends what I’m talking about. I’ll be a big promoter of this phone and what it represents for society. I am glad it’s going to be a better product. I will just suck it up and wait. I am sure this phone is going to be with me for a long time and that means less trash on the planet. So, sad for a short while and happy about the better device I’m getting.
Rewards? No. I don’t need a reward. I’ve got on board thinking a new delay was a possibility and even if I was not expecting it I understand the big task these people are getting on. They’ll get my support even if we have one more delay. I’m part of this project. No need for any reward :slight_smile:


I got an s3 that’s still hanging in there running cyanogenmod 11 I think…


Getting something done right is more important than getting something done, “on time”. All things in good time. It is my desire that every person in my firm carries a Librem 5. It is also my desire that they all use Librem laptops. But I am willing to wait (and have been waiting) for all the kinks to be worked out.

There’s a significant body of research and supporting evidence that demonstrates that human accuracy is really good for many things but estimating how long something takes, large or small, is an area that all humans, including those willing to snipe from the forums, have significant challenges in accuracy around. The same grace we ask of others I feel we should be willing to extend to others.

Yes. That was a little preachy. Je sais… but it’s something I feel strongly about so I hope you bear with me.


Hahahaha, how about we get the phone?

I seriously think you are underestimating the difficulty of this. I would be willing to pay a lot more than what they are currently charging. I’m thankful they are keeping us informed and demonstrating the progress they’ve made.



EDIT: Before anyone gets up in arms, this is intended to be quite tongue in cheek. I mean I would like to have the librem 5 done and perfect now but that’s not realistic so I’ll be happy with getting it when they’re done making it.


Better late then never in my opinion.

They aren’t Samsung/LG/big OEM, give it some time.


Well, between the end of Q2 and the first day of Q3 there is a billionth of a micron of a second. :grin:You can wait for it to pass.:grin: What is the problem? :grin:


yes the PHONE will respect your privacy but on the internet that is NOT a guarantee since the exit nodes are logged and monitored. know that you can be tracked and identified based only one your screen size if you resize and your fonts if you change them (to other than default).

For me, this is actually quite outrageous. I ordered the phone in January, when the announced plan was to send it out in April, and I was expecting that it is possible to at least make a 3-months long plan without errors that would eventually double its length. Especially after the November news that apparently announced the same technical difficulties and a shift of delivery time to April for the same reason. I’m terribly disappointed. Even worse, the last delay news headline sounds misleading to me (I wouldn’t expect a “minor adjustment” to double the waiting time announced last time), and the text itself does not sound at all like it apologizes to the customers. Right now, given all that, I would not order the phone. But in December, the “developer versions” were apparently delivered on time, I wouldn’t expect a 6-month waiting time after that, and I decided to order, regretting about my decision. It will be much harder to receive the phone in Q3 than in April.

It’s also quite embarrassing that the forum requires the dangerous and evil technology of javascript to use. A lot of malware is distributed using it, like with java and with flash in old times. Would not expect that from a company that prioritizes information safety.