Another delay in the delivery of the Librem 5


I’m happy they delayed, because whenbi receive this phone i want to use it. Now it’s clearly not ready, and i hope they will take all the time to work on this product. Of course i want it just now, but after some fail like firefox os ubuntu phone, what it’s really matter is to have a completly free, open and secure smartphone. If they will postpone to august 2020 it’s still fine because we do not live in the middle of nothing, if our phone just crush we could just buy a cheaper one till the librem 5 is ready.
The mission here is more important than the product or ourself, there are a lot of people who just wait review before buy it, so i really hope they will delay it more to have a better product with no lag, with enough software for basic usage to be a fast and rock solid, where people in their review could just complain about lack of software comparing on ios and android, but not other things, so purism could sell other phone and stay in this business investing money on better phone optimization and for future phone version.
My only complain for this delay is they had to add 3-4 more months just to take more time to make it better.

Ps: my current phone is 5 yo so i really want it asap but this project is more important than us

Just my2c


Some years ago a very small british company created a motorcycle which - compared to the motorcycle-market - was what the Librem 5 will be in the Smartphone-market. That unbelievably lightweight 450 fully filled up and up to do a RTW off the factories door weighed a 145kg with 20L in 3 tanks, superior suspension, enough stomp to outrun even much bigger bikes. Till now no other company even came close to what that little company made with a lot of enthusiasm - and of course the hope to fill a gap. (By now they can’t produce their current hand-made model Spitfire close to fast enough to make everybody happy that wants to set an order).

What’s similar between them and purism, is the enthusiasm behind. The love for the details. The look for what the targetted customer-group REALLY needs.

Show me a bloody motorcycle fully offroad-RTW-ready with all bits and pieces off the shelf @ 145kg!
Show me a bloody smartphone with hardware-on/off-switches that you really own alone!

All the very best to both company’s enthusiasts working as they do! And to their decisionmakers for the guts they obviously must have for swimming against the stream. Good luck ladies and gentlemen!


:slight_smile: that was just something that i accidentally stumbled upon while visiting some security/privacy tips for the tor browser and it somehow stuck to my mind i didn’t actually mean to provoke any unneccesary confusion but then again security and privacy are only 100% atainable if we’re not concerned about availability (the CIA triad of information security)

in short use offline mode more often and don’t get into trouble :wink: better yet don’t use any credit cards and/or personal identification means in ANY transactions (then again that probably means you can’t easily get a librem device to your door)


That’s not very respectful for the folk of Purism.


I also feel upset by this new delay, but not necessarily because I will get my Librem 5 half a year later than expected. What worries me is what this new setback means to the image of the company. I would not like to see Purism going down the road of over-promising and under-delivering that companies like Tesla have followed.

As others have pointed out, this new delay also increases expectations on the quality and performance of the Librem 5. I hope they will be met.



I think Purism will deliver what they say they will. They are just as passionate about the phone as we are. I think you may be right about what people will perceive regarding this delay, but my hope is that as people come to learn of Purism and see a company that operates at a much smaller scale than they are accustomed to that the realities of manufacturing and making electronics are learned and understood.

This is not easy stuff. This is complicated and very very difficult. It takes years of education and years of experience to even understand the basics here. It takes time and effort that can’t really be quantified.

People will armchair quarterback that effort until the end of time, but until they’ve tried to do any of it, will never fully understand that difficulty.

This is a hardware AND software challenge. Many people think hardware is the only difficult part, but I would argue that software is exponentially more difficult.

So patience and just don’t stop believing:


If it was any other phone/company, I think I’d be upset.

Since this is Purism and the Librem 5, a pretty big feat mind you, I can give them some leeway.

While I second that they should have been more communicative, I think they got that memo with the recent slew of news updates.

I’m probably not going to be able to afford a new phone and I’ll have to stick with LOS for a bit, but I truly hope the Librem 5 takes off fine and dandy. We really deserve it. :grinning:


10,000 + 1

For when I inevitably drop mine…


okay, maybe they should just order 10,000 plus 3,000 spare displays :wink:

BTW, I dropped my S1 and S3 many times, even on concrete. They refused to break. So, it matters if a phone is built to break or to last.


Ha ha yeah

I have seen an Xperia XA break from a low height with a protective cover. It refused to stay in one piece. :sweat_smile:



They actually extended the reduced pre-order price at least a couple times that I know of beyond their original published deadline. As someone who found out about the Librem 5 a bit late in the game, I for one am very grateful to them for their leniency on when they finally did choose to raise the price.

Glad I ordered it, and will gladly wait a bit longer for a quality product with more developed software!


To be honest, I would have been impressed if there wasn’t another delay. I think more time to work on the software before release is a good thing. Although I am not expecting the software to be perfect at release, I’m sure that a lot of users will appreciate a good out of box experience. And as @eagle said, there will be reviews, and they will be comparing it to the latest and greatest. Probably with little regard for privacy or security. So the smoother the device works from day one, the better.


A delay is actually what I expected. Comparable projects like the Pyra and Pandora have/had delays as well. My advice to pre-ordering buyers of open devices from small companies would be to expect delays like this. I do not mean to imply who is or is not at fault here. I am just being pragmatic. These kinds of projects often come with delays so for our own sake as customers it is better that we expect them regardless of who is at fault.

About the price though, was it raised just for people ordering after the raise or for everyone? Seeing the price get raised after a pre-order for said pre-order would be new to me.


Whether this happens or not depends upon us .
If we keep good approach towards the folk at Purism who are working very hard doing something that really nobody has ever done yet - if we keep good mind then this company will grow and it will have good reputation.
Think of it as a family.
sometimes things happen - family then accept.
Keep calm and carry on regardless.


This delay is no issue for me - take you time Purism.


That is a forking beautiful bike. Wish I’d known about them before they sold out! Stunning.

Happy to be signed up for the Librem 5. I already have an awesome Librem 13 laptop. CCM is a comparable company. They value independence, passion and ethics. Unlike the megacorps, they leave the marketing to their customers. :wave: & we all know what happens when marketing tells the company to rush to market…


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Please get off the internet if JavaScript offends you. You can wait if you actually want something built from the ground up, if you cant get a refund and choose form all of the other privacy conscious phones…o wait.


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