Another Librem 5 For Sale

I’ve decided to go ahead and sell my L5. I’ve turned it on every so often to keep it up to date, but it just doesn’t get used. It doesn’t even need to be reset (no info of mine on there). Never had a sim card in it.

Americas cell modem, older WiFi card. Phone comes with charger, no box.

If you can get some use out of it, please do so. I’ll only charge you $800. Located in USA.

Pictures forthcoming.

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Can you share why you has reached the point of getting rid of the L5?

Frankly, the novelty wore off and I haven’t had the desire to use it. I figure if someone else out there wants to actively use it, they should have it. Nothing against the phone, I think its a great idea, but just not for me.


Might be as well to clarify whether the quoted price includes or excludes postage and where you are prepared to post to.

What batch?

What accessories? (other than the charger that you mention) e.g. earbuds?

If you’ve put a uSD card in it then remember to retrieve it (if not included in the sale).

PS I think the purchaser should reflash even if the phone doesn’t need it - since otherwise the purchaser is trusting that the software hasn’t been tampered with. I’m not suggesting that you have done that, only that the purchaser has no way of knowing.

Fair enough.

Price is shipped to anywhere in the US. If international, willing to work with shipping, say 50/50. Price is USD.

Evergreen batch, received November 2022.

Phone comes with charger, period. I can’t use ear buds so I didn’t keep them. No extra battery, wanted to try the phone out before spending money on extras.


Purchaser is welcome to reflash, of course. My statement was more an illustration of how lightly used it is.

There is no Fir batch out yet. Your phone is Evergreen (the date makes it clear).


What is your phone daily driver at this moment.?

Yep, fixed.

I’ll answer you if you promise to not try to change my mind.

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I promise.

I have a Pixel 7 with Calyx OS installed on it.

Thank you and i hope you stay with us in your Librem 5 forum. There are nice news coming up for sure.

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Purism should speed up SW process to makes L5 usable as daily driver :sweat_smile:

Also they should coinvolge massively Linux Community and advertises L5 to, example, politics, entrepreneurs, businessmen, top managers, militaries all those categories strongly interested to have privacy and security devices!

Also Purism should propose L5 in China as better alternative to android and ios (although that government, hating freedom IT, would insert into it spies).

Finally they’d hire a 5yo boy as UI chief to make SW stupidproof (ex: tap this button to have this function…)! That’s the winning strategy of every popular OS beginning with Windows (otherwise we still would using DOS)

I hope Purism will not be a death experiment like all those previous ones! :sweat_smile::cold_sweat:

What kind of monster hijacks the thread of someone selling their L5 to sell a L5?