Another Librem 5 HW survey for backers

Now that the Librem 5 phone campaign is looking promissing, there is still a space in the HW specs (and features) to be decided and finalized.

  • many ideas are suggested here on the forums (although a statistics of interest is harder to judge on the forum threads)
  • there was a past HW survey for the new phone

I’d like to suggest an another HW survey (post-campaign) to clearly collect the interest of the backers. Then it’s up to your team to judge all the pros and cons and make the final HW choice.

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i think the next survey should be usefull for the next revision, is important to not try to build a chinese wall at the first try, purism is a small company and if you ask to backers (or just everyone) we whould like to have everything inside the device for 20$

every one have different need, so immagine one ask for an FM radio, another one need 21mpx camera, another one need 4k screen, another one an android sandbox etc etc
how much could cost a phone like that from a small company? a think more than 1000$ with your first prodouct

but when you already have a phone on the market, this means you have the OS+UI, you could focus on apps, after this first phase, and when the phone, the first one is really ok, you could do another survey asking it, then in the second release you already covered OS and apps ecosystem costs, and you could invest and focus on other things

i really understand your post, because everyone like to have everything we need just now, me too, believe me, but as customer we should understand that there are steps, and we are not just backing a smartphone, but we are backing an idea, we are backing the electronic freedom, and this have a cost not just with money but also with patience

what i just hope, reading other posts about laptop, is purism learned a lesson from their mistake, because i’ve read some complain on delayed shipping time and lack of comunication for that, so i hope their roadmap will be a realistic one, and if there is some kind of delay they will write it explaining what is happen