Another Linux phone


audio [isn’t] working yet

That would seem to be a fairly significant shortcoming for a phone. Maybe I am misunderstanding that. Anyway, I’m sure they will get audio working eventually.

Otherwise the specs for RAM and storage are good, and dual rear camera too. Dual SIM too.

No LTE B5 (which would be a problem here but may be fine in Europe).

It’s unclear whether it supports an external display (for convergence). The chip should but unclear whether the phone as a whole does.


First initial and original image comes from here:

And, for the record: @calebccff thanked “a lot to @glundner (@shiftphones) for bringing up initial touch and display support.” I was pleased to read about that cooperation, from Shiftphones, link to earlier post of mine, side cooperation.

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Direct link to Shift (English/German):

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I admire how SHIFT designs their phone, and kudos to the company for recognizing that the only way to make an environmental phone is to use an older Qualcomm processor that has Linux kernel support and plan to eventually switch from Qualcomm’s Android driver to the community Linux driver. I have long thought that this is the best strategy for companies which want to make environmental phones (Fairphone, SHIFT and Teracube). The other viable strategy is to use the Rockchip RK3566/68, but that requires a lot more work and the use of more chips and larger circuit boards.

However if the goal is buy a Linux phone, I can’t recommend the shift6mq, since sending a phone or two to postmarketOS isn’t the same as truly supporting Linux.