Another Unsolicited Review (hold onto your hats)

I was replacing the LED energy efficient light bulb in my desk lamp, with a warm incandescent light bulb. The very same sorta bulb that is quickly being phased out by government regulations because it isn’t “green” enough. With the harsh blue light replaced with a candle like red glow, I was thinking about the purpose of TV and it all came together in the week or so since I have been monkeying around with a Librem 5.

I have been slowly working this phone into some usable shape for my un-standard life I live. TV, much like radio, was used to sell things to people, something I believe everyone can agree with. Bath soaps, beauty oils, muscle cars that gave you your youth back, younger looking skin and so forth. The TV shows just kept meat in the seats so we can get you to the next commercial break for disposable razors.

What do you think replaced TV? It’s pretty much dead now, as no one is buying the most current iteration of TV, cable or digital 500 channel whatever. (if you want some curious perspective, go to Youtube and watch commercials from the 80’s and 90’s and see what you aren’t seeing anymore. The tone is amazing)

At my gig, on breaks, I see people’s faces lit up and pupils dilated with the harsh LED glow of smart phone screens. I can understand that life today is better than it has been in the last 500 years but it’s still tough for many and getting tougher. These people seem to be self medicating by escaping into a world in their phone.

I realized I was doing it too when I’d go to bed late a night and make the mistake of opening up the Youtube app and suddenly thirty to sixty minutes was gone before I knew it. What did I look at? Stupid content that was sandwiched between commercials for whatever. If I was learning something, at least that wouldn’t be so bad. I opened the Youtube app just now and here are the videos I could watch if I wanted to:

** “Horse Grabbed Her By The Ponytail”*
** Youtube shorts*
** “Schools close across rural Japan as birth rate plummets”*
** “JUST IN: Trump Tells Citizens to ‘Drop Down And Pray’ Over Nuclear Fears”*
** “From Book To Trash Bin (ASMR)*
** “Kim Jong-un answers question from foreign journalists for first time”*
** “The friendship recession | Richard Reeves”*
** “Why Tipping Is So Out Of Control In The U.S.”*
** “Snoop Dogg welcomed to Scotland with bagpipes rendition of Still D.R.E.”*
** “18 year old girl with Catatonic Schizophrenia”*

(the bagpipes playing Still D.R.E. was pretty lit, as the kids say)

So I decided to remove the Youtube app and only access the service through a web app… It was harder to navigate, worked badly and wasn’t as smooth. I felt better but decided to take it one step further.

Enter the Librem 5, and realized this was a machine that wasn’t part of the bi-opoly of the big two smart phone providers that replaced TV. The battery life is terrible, the camera is really really rough around the edges and the learning curve is pretty steep, as is the case with all Linux based GUI’s. But you know what it doesn’t have?

That hypnotic, snappy loading time of these apps that keep your attention for another seven seconds that turns into seven days. I have a hunch that the reason these phone are so great in some functions and sucks in others is, it’s meant to keep selling things to the owners of the phones.

All that is great, but why is all of this important? On average, the life span for anyone in the Western world (anyone wealthy enough to buy a 2,000$ Linux phone) is 73.5 years for males and 79.3 years for females according to the CDC. When you lose thirty to sixty minutes a day as you fall into an app, like Alice falling into that deep hole that led to Wonderland, it adds up over time. Thirty minutes yesterday turns into two hundred and ten minutes this week. That’s eight hundred and forty minutes this month and ten thousand eight minutes this year.

In a year, with thirty minutes lost in these apps, you lose a whole week. Imagine if you self medicate with whatever apps you use to get by your twenty minute break or to make the unpleasant subway ride more bearable. Or worse, use the phone to escape life or your relationships.

For all the backers who haven’t yet gotten their phones from endless delays for whatever reason, for the poor performance and all the rough edges that will eventually be smoothed out, these phone do one thing right and that one thing is damn important. They break the hypnotic spell that robs a person of one thing they can’t get back, that is their time.

If your time is worth something to you, if you are tired of being told how to feel or what to think about world events, if you are worn out from being scared by the news, want to be there for the most important years with your family, consider this phone. It’s not perfect, but it’s a giant step in the right direction.


If i understands well you just want a fancy(energy & fast efficient) youtube apps/client for Phosh? if so yes Purism is working on this too, may available soon i guess.

Where did you find that?

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On Purism Bugzilla.

ADDED: For some reason i really recommend: for any youtube video for the Librem 5.

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You mean Gitlab? Do you have any link?

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Yes it is. And i would add, just leave youtube and buy again Dvd, bluray or reccord tv (without advertise) or just read, rend or buy (e-)books. Follow podcasts.

Shoshana say we can change the world through democracy and sharing information. But the internet and the algorithms and personal information leak through devices will throw us back to a time where youth will have to restart from reading and writing. Which is however just more sexy as today’s reality like … than video or an A.I. Assistant in your phone reading and serve all your wishes immediately … if too much progress end in dead ends.

This time will come but i may take many years to reach a critical mass.

This phone is a holy grail, but to less notice. Its just one Computer which will be just a computer and not a neural network driven better version of a forecast self. A phone which is just a phone and let yourself decide, “Where you want to got tomorrow?”

Like an advertise by a Desktop brand name, at the beginning of this millennium.

You hold the future, and the past in your hand JA.


I love my Librem 5.
It is clunky.
I used to need to reboot daily and the phone app got stuck
If voicemail did not respond then I rebooted
I had problems with calls, my voice not being heard on receiver
I had problems with not rebooting when battery completely drained
Many times when I get a call the call goes straight to voicemail and phone does not ring
With the more recent updates the problems are much less
I had problems with a game app suddenly failing as I did not have proper locale settings
I dont want fancy apps on it , eg Facebook and would not use them anyway cant load them
I still get very anxious when I am expecting an important call, will the phone work or not

I managed to one way or the other resolve my issues.

I love the Librem 5 as it does not track me.
My Librem5 does not try to control my life.

I control my Librem 5.
And I dont carry my phone about with me. If people need to contact me, they leave a sms.

Woo Hoo could not be happier/


I too, got the horse and ponytail clickbait. Damned youtube algorithms; as soon as it learns my age, I’m going to get ads for Depends and incontenance.

At the tail end of my Intelligence career I worked OSINT. It grew from a dumping ground for those who lost their clearance to something much better, then 9/11 hit. We weren’t perfect, but better prepared. Actually it takes training to avoid subtle clickbait versus actual news.

That being said, one of the reasons we browse youtube for hours is the dopamine effect from your own brain from watching light stupied entertainment. Actually it is one of the same reasons people get hooked on pr0n.

So, “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, …”?


Not that specifically, just a piece of technology that won’t train my brain into getting dopamine snacks for pressing buttons.


Skynet won’t arrive with chrome exo-skeletons with living tissue over them, looking like an Austrian body builder. Shooting pulse rifles in a 40 watt range as they crush a skull with their foot. :wink:

It will most likely arrive as the bi-product of humans trying to make more money from other humans, if that at all. The movie “She” might be one of the few movies that actually addresses this modern day “Terminator” situation. :rofl:

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I was reading about how Bill Murry doesn’t carry a cell phone around with him. He prefers life as it was before that machine in your pocket. This pocket computer might be a fine middle ground between being connected, and still be able to smell the roses as you walk on down the road. He says, as it’s reported, “if anyone wants to get a hold of me, they will find a way”.

I think this particular way of living made him miss a really big film role as no one could get a hold of him in time, I don’t remember which one but he seemed pretty upset about it,

I also wonder if smtube could be refreshed and updated to YouTube’s current API, then verified that the GUI scales properly.

The 1965 “She” or the 1984 “She”?

I suspect the former, “She who must be obeyed.”

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It’s hard to tell just how sarcastic you were being … so if you were 100% sarcastic instead of 30% sarcastic, I apologize for not “getting it”.

I hope you are aware that there are LED lights that are better at matching “natural daylight” than incandescent bulbs are. Most incandescent bulbs are far too red vs “natural daylight”. Look for bulbs with the highest CRI (color rendering index) and be careful that “Full Spectrum” has almost been co-opted by a trademark. It’s just another “quality of life tip” brought to you by …

You seem to think that the “purpose of a TV” is for advertising — I thought that only advertisers and network executives think that. I may be wrong, but I thought the purpose of a TV was for entertainment and education and the the reason for advertising is to pay for the creation and broadcasting of this entertainment.

I still have a TV and haven’t had cable for 20 years. I get my TV channels from broadcast antennae. It turns out that PBS has relatively few advertisements and it provides both entertainment and education. Most other channels seem to spend their time broadcasting “funny videos” from the internet or good-old down-to-earth indoctrination and rage.

Hmm. I don’t have a youtube app on my phone — it never even occurred to me. I’ve only ever used youtube for home DIY/fixit projects … which, for me, is invaluable.

I know it’s tongue-in-cheek, but the notion of a slow/clunky phone paradoxically resulting in a person having more time … seems to be a problem with the person, not the fast/modern phone.

But thinking about it, I should have said the same thing about our household phone as a child (through high school). We were on a “party line” which many people today do not understand. It’s far from a “party” – it means that there are other families (in our case 3 other families) sharing a single phone line. Just think of all the time it saved us: phone calls were not for chit chat since any time you spent on the line was time that the neighbors phones were busy and unusable. We probably spent about 1hr/week as a family on the phone (that includes SMS [there was none], internet [there was none], games, …). Perhaps to save more time, we should all go back to landlines with “party lines” to force us to talk less and waste less time in general … and, besides, it would cut down on traffic accidents from distracted drivers!

How about user phone licensing, complete with background checks?

With open carry. For concealed phone carry, you need a permit!

(This is humor vis-a-vis phones, don’t digress into other subject matter.)

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Use non-rooted Android phone (root required 50 steps) as a pda (like the palm). On tor when the phone is booted. Disabled as much google as possible without bricking the thing. No social media. No “news”, hah Considered librem 5 but the pda program doesn’t work on Linux. Tether a Linux laptop (librem 15) thru the Android via Bluetooth. YouTube by web to learn things like best way to clean a black powder pistol or how to string barb wire fence. Majority of videos through, bitchute, odysee. Don’t actors hire assistants who handle digital communication for them?

What about magazine size? I mean do we really need that big of a battery?