Another work in progress?

What did I do bad this time?
This is getting worse:

1 - Took a screen cap and saved it.

2- Opened this new topic.

3 - Uploaded image. ERROR!!!

Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, webp).
Sorry my - it IS a “,png” file!

So I loaded into Image viewer, saved as a “jpg” Result:

Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, webp).
Again - Sorry my - it IS a “,jpg” file!


And why do I want to send a screen cap? To show a image of the very long teckinese error I got when trying to allow updates that erred out, before the png error, that was before the jpg error.

I hope I don’t get a error when submitting this. Let me know if it doesn’t show up.

What screenshot app are you using?
I use Gnome-Screenshot and it works fine.:woman_shrugging:

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All it says is “Screenshot”. I’m not into things so much that I know what flavour or release or that stuff is. It takes a good screenshot. It saves as a .dng, sometimes as a png, sometimes as jpg. I can see the image fine.
And it works (past tense) for me as well.
To get to the post, I took the picture with Screenshot. I guess the better name ScreenCAP was taken.
From there I copied it to a thumb drive I put in the Hub. When that was done, I moved the Tdrive to a Windows desktop box. Logged in and tried to upload the image. Saw the error and, well the rest is in the OP.

I may be old, and tired, but not totally incompetent (yet) when it comes to computers. I taught at a college, university, and k-5.

Thanks for the info,

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The app Screen Shot only produces yyyy-mm-dd-hhmmss.png files. Your .dng and .jpg files in the same directory ~/Picturesperhaps are produced by the Camera app.

I just followed instructions (Librem5 is running PureOS Byzantium - recently updated).

  • took a screenshot
  • copied the picture from the phone to my desktop
    • desktop PureOS as well
    • didn’t use a thumb drive, but copied via network using scp
  • uploaded the image (no changes, no conversion) using an up-to-date Firefox browser

Another test on the Librem5:

  • used Firefox on the Librem5 to open
  • started editing this post
  • took a screenshot
  • uploading the screenshot (no conversion, no editing) using the browser on the phone

No problems doing all this.

You could try to rule out all the part unknown to the people reading here by trying to log in to the forum on your Librem5 and then trying to upload the screenshot.

Where did you get this app from?

I’m going to assume you are trying this with Gnome Web (aka Epiphany), because I encountered this yesterday. Uploading images to the forum works in Firefox. i.e., use Firefox, not Web.

Thanks @lwriemen for the test and tip. It’s getting browser stupid everywhere. Bank wants Chrome, Cable provider wants FF, uploading a picture here requires FF. Too bad the Internet was taken over by sheer greed.
I don’t like FF any more since they went ape-stupid paranoid and made decisions for me. But, I’ll remember, FF for uploading pictures. Web for other things, Chrome for the bank, FF for the cable provider.

Now I can’t use the camera. It has to be reset every time I want to use it. I don’t think the devs understand that most things don’t sit still while people adjust the finite settings. I bought a $45.00 camera. Auto-focus, adjusts for lighting, and much more.

When/If I can use the device again, I will remember dng and png files when uploading here. No problem any where else - just here.

Thanks for the help. I marked it as a solution because it answers what is doing what to what :slight_smile:

Thank you.
I don’t know where I got it from but it was suggested to me here in Forums, somewhere. I just tapped in what was suggested.
I can’t check it to see where because now the battery won’t charge.