[ANSWERED] Badge removal on Forum

why was the ‘Regular’ Badge for the Forum removed?

I was just granted the “Regular” badge 5 days ago.

Do you mean removed from you or removed from the forum functionality?

Because that badge “regular” came with the permission to edit other users posts. Which is something we Purism prefer that does not happen.

That is a default of the Discourse software. I suppose that that “feature” is part of the view of the Discourse developers of how community forums can work… But it is debatable.

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so it won’t come back?

from the forum cuntionality.

no, it will not

I know that this is a typo, but I laughed my ass off.


Maybe you got transferred from Regular to Elite?

(Or maybe to a Grenadier or Light Infantry?)


hahaha. Good one.

Yeah, not sure what the Discourse developers were thinking with the “regular” badge. It also (according to the badge description) was supposed to grant access to a “lounge” but I don’t ever remember seeing it. From what I can find it was supposed to be identical to what the Round Table category is now.

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