Anti-interdiction for Librem 5 finally came?


I just read here:
It says: We have also expanded anti-interdiction services beyond laptops and adapted it to Librem Server, Librem Mini, Librem 5 and Librem 5 USA.
But I cannot see the buying option for it yet, is it still need manually require before ordering?
Anyway it’s a very good news!


Yes the option to add it to an order isn’t present yet, we are still working out exactly how it will work because it will be a bit different from the laptops since we will likely not have PureBoot ported over to the Librem 5 in time for mass production launch. We still can do all of the other physical measures (glitter nail polish in strategic places, tamper tape on the packaging etc.) but won’t be able to do the PureBoot software measures until we finish porting it.


Thank you very much!


Doing a double entry here. What if that journalist from the Atlantic tried this service? (From the other thread.) Would it be successful?