Anti-interdiction for Librem 5 finally came?

I just read here:
It says: We have also expanded anti-interdiction services beyond laptops and adapted it to Librem Server, Librem Mini, Librem 5 and Librem 5 USA.
But I cannot see the buying option for it yet, is it still need manually require before ordering?
Anyway it’s a very good news!

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Yes the option to add it to an order isn’t present yet, we are still working out exactly how it will work because it will be a bit different from the laptops since we will likely not have PureBoot ported over to the Librem 5 in time for mass production launch. We still can do all of the other physical measures (glitter nail polish in strategic places, tamper tape on the packaging etc.) but won’t be able to do the PureBoot software measures until we finish porting it.


Thank you very much!

Doing a double entry here. What if that journalist from the Atlantic tried this service? (From the other thread.) Would it be successful?


is there any update on this now that evergreen has started shipping?


Thanks for asking and reminding me. We haven’t yet added it as an option to our shop and it hasn’t come up yet for the orders we’ve processed, but I’m going to look into adding it now.

The process wouldn’t be much different than what I said earlier in this thread, since we haven’t yet ported PureBoot over to the Librem 5. The anti-interdiction process we be strictly physical measures at this point.


Has this finally been added? If yes, is it possible to book the service for an existing pre-order?


hello and welcome !

if you visit >

scroll-down the page until you see the purchase options. the first option is listed as :

" Anti interdiction service " $199

it should be available for > as well

big thanks to Purism for enabling this so soon. i will probably expect to receive an email from Purism regarding this matter BEFORE i receive my L5 some months from now (hopefully) …


Regarding the Librem Sim and perhaps also the previously mentioned add on in this thread, when my phone ships, would we be given a choice to make these additional purchases?



If I may add, what is the wait time for the AweSiM?

In other words do I bother activating my Librem 5 on a random carrier (and later change it to the new phone number via AwsSIM), or will the wait be short enough to simply activate both at the same time? (Which means discontinue service on same random carrier later.)

Which further implies should I order the AweSIM now?

(If the wait is another two years this question is moot.)

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Can we add anti-interdiction to our L5 order with a separate payment?

Yes, I believe you should be able to add it to your order like you would other Librem 5 “accessories” or AweSIM.

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hi Kyle ! is there anything special about how the anti-interdiction for L5 is supposed to work ? as compared to the other Purism products i mean ? anything different (besides the price) ?

I have an L5 order from August 2019

Would I need to just tag it in the “notes” section before checkout?

The main difference is that the Librem 5 doesn’t have PureBoot yet, so we don’t include the Librem Key and do the software anti-interdiction steps. We just include the physical tamper detection protocols.

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You could tag it in the notes as well as point the support team to that order when you get your official shipping confirmation.

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Anti-Interdiction to me means: “Combat Air Patrol”.

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