Anti-interdiction Services – Purism

i’ve seen people inquire about this here on the forums so i thought it’s a good idea to let you know it just dropped on the blog


Unfortunately L13 and L15 only at this stage, not L5.

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You could always try emailing them and asking to do it for your specific Librem 5. In the worst case scenario, they say no, and you’re in the same spot. Best-case, you pay them a little extra and get the additional security you want/need.

While I don’t imagine they’d say yes to everyone who asks for it, if you have a compelling case, they might be able to work with you. Never hurts to ask though.

It wouldn’t be impossible and I’m sure we could work with you to price out an L5 anti-interdiction add-on if you wanted it (like we have in the past with L13/L15).

The challenge would be that at the moment we haven’t ported PureBoot to the L5 so if it hasn’t happened by the time your L5 is ready for shipping, we would only be able to do the applicable hardware tamper-evident work, not the additional PureBoot software side. We’d also have to figure out the best way to adapt the “glitter nail polish” approach to the L5 since it doesn’t have screws on the back. We’d also have to figure out how we’d charge for the add-on service, since in the case it didn’t include PureBoot, we’d deduct the PureBoot Bundle Plus charge.

All do-able. Like with all anti-interdiction service requests, we’d just have to work with you to figure out the best approach.


I’ll be happy just to get my L5. It was more a case of ensuring that the scope of @reC 's post was clear.

I’m aware that the L5 is not (yet) in a state where all of the pieces are in place for anti-interdiction.

Maybe Purism should be polling here or of actual customers to gauge the level of interest.


This actually seems like a really good idea although I think it might be prudent to let them get off the ground first so to speak.

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