Anti-interdiction Update: Six Month Retrospective


It was only six months ago that we formalized our anti-interdiction services so instead of being a “hidden menu item” that you had to ask about, it was available as a drop-down along with the PureBoot Bundle. While some vendors offer tamper evident tape to their boxes, to my knowledge we are the only hardware vendor to offer such a complete suite of custom anti-interdiction measures including:

  • Glitter nail polish on screws
  • Customized tamper-evident tape on a bag surrounding the laptop and its box
  • PureBoot Bundle (to detect firmware/OS tampering) with a custom PIN
  • Shipping the Librem Key and laptop separately (optionally to separate addresses) to further frustrate interdiction
  • Customized threat model coordinated over encrypted email
  • Sending pictures of the laptop measures we performed over encrypted email

We’ve processed a lot of orders between now and then and I thought now would be a good time to look back on the last six months and talk about how the program has gone so far and what I’ve learned.

Some thinking about Purism’s anti interdiction service