Any details on Purist services?

The devlog#1 introduced briefly purist services. It will be nice if we could get more details on that. Where is the best place to get it and to ask questions about it?

Some questions I have on it:


Hi Bruno,

there will be more details in following days.

  1. Yes, we will make it able to self-host
  2. not very similar or close, what we plan is more close to (maybe we even end using and modifying it).

aa s Hi Zlatan!.. wuz up, wuz down, wuz goin around?
Zlatan!.. as you may recall, a handful of Closed Source hardware OEMs came up with respective versions of “dual touchscreen” laptops that did away with the conventional keyboard, and that enabled new worlds of possibilities, via their “virtual touchscreen keyboards”! And the ones that come to mind, are the Canova, the ICONIA, the CeBIT… but, etc.!
Two unique powers of these types of laptops… although, there are many!.. is their ability to facilitate an efficient and effective, and easy “user inteface” for “graphic rendering”… and… their ability to display (through the tap of one’s finger… or through an interactive device!) variable “virtual keyboards” for countless professional and vocational disciplines (e.g., linguistics, physics, chemistry, music… and, any field that possesses a specialized vocabulary, and “symbolic language”!)! Heck!.. one could use such technoma to play “virtual digital bongos”, or a “virtual piano”!
However!.. the sad thing, is that these are Closed Source systems! Systems!.. that due to the very nature of the Closed Source philosphy, are an impediment to the very “practical realization” of the full benefits, of this dual touchscreen feature! And, for example, having to sort out who owns what, in order to actually effect a “virtual keystroke”, to-- in turn!-- render some onscreen “symbolic dialogue”! Nonsense!
To close!.. Zlatan!.. I’m fully aware that the Purism Librem team is presently up to its neck in its effort to bring the Purism Librem lines (as these are!) to market! And I don’t… for one moment!.. believe that this is an easy task! Nevertheless!.. it would be SO COOL if the Purism Librem team could find room in their busy schedules, to add this feature to a future Purism Librem line!.. and then, hopefully, the Purism Librem flagship will be able to do, what the Closed Source community, has not! And!.. I’m MORE THAN CONVINCED, that sundry members of our Purism Librem family would be willing to back a Crowd Funding Campaign, to bring a Purism Librem Dual Touchscreen Laptop (and eventually, PLDT 3D laptop!) to fruition! Thanks for your time, Zlatan!.. and consideration!
Please!.. no emails!

Could you define “following days” :wink:

More seriously, any news?

Any confirmation that this work has completely been stopped?

Hi @Bruno,

The work is neither stopped nor stalled :slight_smile:
Instead of offering yet another service that has already been offered, Purism spends resources thinking about the different threat scenarios and how to counter it best. This is far less trivial than it seems :slight_smile:

The limiting factor of course is manpower.

They’ve done part of it. You can now order VPN access from their shop.