Any ETA for the next PureOS release?

Currently it’s “20211010”. ETA for next release? How often does it get released?

Also, are we gonna get update to kernel? (currently 5.10)

I’d say it’s just as in Debian.
ETA for next release is about 2-3 years. Along the way, few kernel updates will happen (like one every 6 moths), as well as whole OS updates.

All the above numbers are subject to being more or less of 1 or 2 years, when they say years, and 2-4 months when they say months.

Not a very accurate estimate, is it? :slight_smile:

Thanks for estimate. I can see linux-image-5.15.0-1-librem5_5.15.7pureos1_arm64.deb and linux-image-5.16.0-1-librem5_5.16.0~rc6pureos1_arm64.deb available even for Byzantium PureOS . Is there some page with actual state of the testing of new kernels and declaration if it is safe to install it. Mainly check that if there is something bad that phone gets into state when it is possible to switch back to the previous kernel?

I would prefer personally if there is some option to hold key or something else which would allow to switch to previous kernel image in U-boot. I know that there is Jump drive option and I plan to try it, but it requires to manipulate with battery etc…

It is clear now, kernel 5.15.9pureos1 has been installed after Byzantium update automatically.

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I’ve observed that Debian release cycle for LTS on various distros is a bit longer. at most one version if you’re lucky. otherwise, Ubuntu releases an LTS in like 2 years. Elementary took around a year and a half for 6 and was released months after the ETA. So I kind of started exploring the route of Debian testing/rolling. You can try Siduction and Kali if you feel like though Kali isn’t exactly recommended unless you have pentesting needs.

2021-10-10 −> 2021-10-18 −> 2021-11-02 −> 2021-11-18 −> 2021-12-02 −> 2021-12-18: meaning latest Gnome and Plasma install images, as of today, on top of PureOS 10, are released on 18-Dec-2021. For example latest Gnome image carries name: pureos-10~devel-gnome-live-20211218_amd64.iso. And, IMO, there is no need to update linked one every time new .iso image released as PureOS Byzantium easily upgraded, after brand new install process completed, to the newest state.