Any info on Librem v5?

I saw one post mentioning a Librem v5 in June, and a few threads about USB-C charging and 32 GB RAM. Is there any info about a v5 release before the end of 2019 and any features it might include?

Reason: I have a 15v3 but really want to switch to a 13v3+ as I am usually traveling or connected to a monitor. I’m willing to wait until the end of the year if there will be a v5 with these features, but if not, will probably get a v4 now. That said, if anyone with a 13" US keyboard who is interested in selling or trading, please PM me.

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I think he talking about the Librem 13 and 15 v5 and not about the Librem 5 :wink:


The Librem v4 came out very recently so I don’t think that Purism will push a new version until next year, maybe you should (as you were considering) go for the v4 now if you don’t want to wait for v5.


Heh, I initially misread the title too :upside_down_face:

can’t wait for librem workstation v8 :red_car:

Is this what you are searching for?
(out of topic) BTW I would find it super rad if Purism sold desktop motherboards with Coreboot and instructions to easily neutralize Intel ME. :heart_eyes:

I think a workstation is the wrong size direction for me!

no i said v8 so we can have libreboot not coreboot :wink: