Any information on USB Wi-Fi adapters for Linux-Libre?

Hi, I’m trying to switch my laptop to libre software, after using GNU/Linux with non-free repositories enabled for a long time.

One problem is that my laptop’s Wi-Fi card requires secret proprietary drivers, so it does not work with Linux-Libre, and neither do my two different USB-Wi-Fi adapters. I see reports that some adapters work out-of-the box with Linux-Libre distrobutions like PureOS and Trisquel, but I prefer to buy one in-person at a store. Is there a popular model or any other solution for Wi-Fi that I would likely find at a local electronics store, such as Best Buy, Walmart, or Microcenter?

(USA market)

Some time you need a libre computer to switch to libre software so i mean that by change 1 piece(wlan controller) does not mean that the computer is libre to libre software so stay on non-GeNUine like debian,ubuntu,redhat,whatever.