Any navigation buttons on the device?


As an android user, all my life, the small buttons on each side is a must for me. I can’t imagine how the iphone users can live with it.
I see my sister reach her finger all the way to the top of the screen, to just navigate back one step.
I also got very small hands :blush:

So I think having those buttons there is something Librem 5 also should have. I saw the latest 3D prints and the bottom portion of the phone will fit those perfectly. :stuck_out_tongue:


The phone will not have those. Instead, a strip of 40 most bottom pixels will be reserved to provide similar functionality.


@Dwaff What are you saying? Do you mean on the screen or where Samsung has their navigation buttons? :hushed:


On screen. The default shell reserves two stripes on screen: One 26 pixels high at the top, and one 40 pixels high at the bottom.