Any news about the phone/monitor combo?


My preference was the earliest batch I could be in for shipping. But I ordered the monitor combo. Did I screw myself because little news has come out about the monitor/keyboard/mouse combo and because of that I might get my order later than if I only ordered the phone?

Anyone? Bueller? I see people getting their phones and it sucks because I ordered the combo in hopes I was helping to support Purism and convergence and the like but now I feel like I won’t get my order until late next year. I did order late, I wasn’t an early backer by any means unfortunately. Due to the fact I was wary re: canonical and ubuntu phone.


If you were late, your phone won’t come before spring next year - even if purchased without monitor. So, no reason to worry about it for now :slight_smile:


Thanks. I purchased in Nov 2018, is there any chance I’d get it this year?


Unlikely. I ordered Oct 17 and assume I’ll receive it in December the earliest. Rather January.

Also unlikely (Depending on the definition of late :upside_down_face:). Yours should be shipping somewhere around easter. Our at least in the first half of 2020.


I don’t think you are qualified for anything but evergreen. Given that you bought somewhat at the beginning of the new wave , you can expect it shipped anywhere from April 1 until early May.
No way you would have to wait til later in the year. And if the monitor is not ready, they should still honor your order for the phone and send once available.