Any Plans To Bring A Quad-Core CPU To Librem 15?

I feel like I’d pull the trigger on buying a Librem a lot faster if the cost-to-performance ratio was better. But playing over $2000 for a computer that runs on a dual-core seems absurd and that keeps me a bit turned-away.

Nowadays I really don’t like to touch any processor that has less than four physical cores, honestly. My current computer from way back in 2011 is a quad-core that runs at over 4Ghz even.

I’d love it if you guys could upgrade your processor to a quad-core.

I dunno, it just has me weighing my options and wondering if I should instead buy a high-performance desktop and attempt to just use ME cleaner on it myself.

I’m honestly hoping that a Librem 15v4 is on it’s way and will feature quad-core among other improvements both hardware and cosmetic.

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Totally agree, now with the introduction of monster cpu’s aka i9 perhaps it’s time to check the mobile prices and redesign an up to date V4 version of the 15"
I would also love to see more buying options in the future like an integrated cec adapter
I saw that they have an commercial license too but perhaps they are willing to partner-up or some sort of business like that.
Also I don’t necessarily need/want to buy the obligatory included disk and could use my own one(s).
I would like to see 2 nvme M.2 pciE slots on the future model if possible.
Thanks and keep up the good work.