Any UK users of the Librem 5?


What networks/mobile providers do you use? What networks/mobile providers allow the use of the Librem 5?


Not yet, still waiting on my batch email. I am with Vodafone for what it is worth


Vodafone here as well, but again I can’t exactly say anything since I picked batches C and D and they haven’t exactly shipped yet.

I don’t see how any network could disallow the L5, unless somehow your specific IMEI got put on to the shared blacklist. I don’t mean it from a technical perspective, it’s more that I don’t believe that they’re actually allowed to lock out users with compatible equipment (which is the same case as for the rest of the EU).


I see. Thanks. I’ll give Vodafone a try when I get mine then


ee but will probably use giff gaff with the L5


I’m on giffgaff, used a variety of Linux phones with it without any issues.


I can’t wait to find out how the L5 works in the UK. I’m really looking forward to getting one but due to financial constraints it’ll be some time.

Anyone in the UK who gets a device, would you kindly post an update on network performance ect.