Any updates on Librem 5?

I think it would be a good thing to receive updates on a regular basis about the Librem 5 project. This is not happening and I think it should. Am I wrong?


I think they tend to update when they have something significant to report. I agree it would be a good thing to be more regularly updated, but to be honest I’d probably rather that they work on the device instead of spending time writing an update on what they are doing. I get what you are saying though.


It’s a matter of priorities and bandwidth. Ideally, we would be publishing regular updates - typically every two weeks - about the general state of the software and hardware. There’s no single person responsible for writing these at the moment, so it means taking time out from other work to write them.

I think that it’s really important to communicate progress in a more accessible place than the channels where the work is getting done. Hopefully, we can get back into doing that in the coming weeks.

I would be happy to drop progress reports into the forums but there will be people who only ever follow the blog. Maybe some kind of micro-blogging would be interesting. :thinking:


I’m gonna use the second part of that response in my work updates this week. “matter of priorities and bandwidth”.
Hey Im just glad its going to be a reality if next month or next year- this is a big deal and a honor to be a part of as a consumer. Purism has yet to disappoint me.

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I’m gonna use the second part of that response in my work updates this week. “matter of priorities and bandwidth”.

Well, at least it’s polite! :wink:

I tend to question what is brought to my attention, including my own observations. So I went back to Purism web site to see how accurate I was with my complaint. The result: not accurate at all and I know why.
The team has been publishing a lot of information about Librem 5 this year. Before also, but let’s say from January this year. For instance: A note about “Fragments” to be included with Librem 5, on February 27; a note about “Lock Down Mode on Librem 5 posted on March 11th; a note on “Lollypop" as the music player for Librem 5 and laptops posted in January 24; a note on PureOs Store involving Librem 5, posten on January 17th…
The problem I see with this, beside my shortness of vision, is the these pieces of information are all over the place, and most of them in “Posts”, including “Older Posts”. Now… How do you get to “Posts”? By knowing the website as the palm of your hand. Not good.
“Posts” should be one of the subpages at lest included under “News and Updates” or better. Maybe it should be one single tab or its content should be published on “News & Events”.
The other problem I understand got me to express this innacurate “complaint” ist the lack of information about the outcome of the software solution from NXP to the CPU/Battery problem. This is a crutial piece of information that is one month old already and I would like to know how it is going.
So I think “Posts” should be the place where to go for updates and it should be accesible from Purism home page and secondly I would like the next update to include information on NXP software/CPU/Battery issue.
Thank you guys for your patience.


any updates ? … i check each and every time before i log into the purism forums the main news page - so far that’s been enough - it’s so MUCH good information already on the main site - why don’t we first finish with that before asking for MORE ?

Huh? Where did you find the posts, if not under “News & Updates” ???
That’s exactly where they are.
All the examples you listed are there.
By the way, the update on the NXP problem also.

I agree, though, that it is not well structured, if you want to find specific posts.
You could filter by the phone tag.

There are two subpages: and They both contain maybe the same articles, not important now. That’s why I said there are articles “all over the place” instead of been in one single place. It is redundant and confusing. But, maybe this is happening because they have different items in the same place. I would organize it in a different way. But I guess that’s always the case.
The article about NXP is more than one month old now. I am waiting for new info about the battery fix via NXP software. This is the week to come up with some new information about the project and I hope they say something about that issue. Something good of course :slightly_smiling_face:

hi there! :slight_smile:

i just thought this is in a recent other thread where the organization of the site was on topic, but anyhow it just came up here, and i have no idea where it was, so i leave it here, so sorry for that! (caution for offtopic have been given.)

i think a sitemap could be nice… lua have a really simple and nice one, that i like:

maybe u can find some useful ideas in these for organizing things (so make the relations while reading):

i plan to make my own info base, kinda like wiki, in the sense of cross references and updated contents instead of having a blog-like stuff that ever grows endlessly. then i wanna have a changelog-like stuff with rss/atom/whatever, so ppl who are interested in a topic dont have to reread whatever cuz of a few cosmetics and 3 new sentences. topics based on each other can be marked, so if someone finds something to be kinda alien, then they can see fundamentals listed as well to start from farer, however the whole will be in a tree, just like the menu for it.

mostly this could be handled with mediawiki, but i wanna make my own lua (yep, im the biggest lua fanboy ever X’D ) based lightweight engine, so i can easily extend it as i like without wreck a huge and mostly unknown system that is also security critical, so i need 2 know what i have. the base will serve for everything else that i just plan, cuz everything can be represented as a tree, so handling trees universally leads to world domination… X’D

i hope i could say anything useful, bests! :slight_smile:

I find the RSS feed to be the best way to stay informed.


The last news with “Phones” tag was publish on February 21, 2019 (an article about kill switch woas publish on Mars 11 but without the tag)…

Will we have some news this week?


Another update is in the pipeline, though I don’t know exactly when it will appear.