Any way to even indirectly access LINE Messenger?

I’m strongly considering the purchase of a Librem 5 phone, and I have a question:

I live in the U.S., and there are a number of people in Japan whom I regularly communicate with via LINE Messenger. I realize that LINE does not have a Linux client, and I’m sure there is nothing from LINE that could directly run on a Librem 5. However, I’m wondering whether anyone who uses a Librem 5 phone has been able to somehow indirectly access LINE Messenger in order to communicate with LINE users.

This would no doubt have to be via some sort of proxy or something similar.

Am I out of luck regarding this, or has anyone been able to even indirectly utilize LINE Messenger from a Librem 5 phone?

Thank you in advance for any thoughts and suggestions.

If that messenger has an Android client you could possibly run it with Waydroid. Search the forum for that term

I’m not sure if the Chrome app still exists, that would be an option.

I’ve had success running Line via Waydroid. It works! It’s limited in the calls won’t work, and I’m not sure how easy it is to share files or pics between a waydroid app and PureOS, I haven’t used Line in there long enough for that

That is not terribly hard, I just set up a bookmark for ~/.local/share/waydroid/data/media/0 and copy to and from there.(You do have to put your password in twice.)

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I used to use that approach but have switched to the method of mounting shared folders. It’s much more convenient.


Good to know!

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Thanks to all of you!

Given that LINE is usable via Waydroid, I now will investigate Waydroid more. And now I feel much more confident about purchasing a Librem 5 phone!