Any word on those 3-cell batteries for Librem 14? (What about 2 cell or 1 cell?)

When I use a laptop, I have it connected to power 99% of the time. Battery is only for small emergency use.

When are those 3-cell batteries coming back? (For that extra M.2 slot)

Could 1-cell or 2-cell be an option in the meantime?


It would be interesting to be able to put in batteries of 1 or 2 cells, but you would have to have mount points for a smaller sized battery. If you want to join together two small batteries, you would need to wiring for that. You could probably jerryrig something, but you would have to know whether the batteries should be connected serially or in parallel.

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Bumping this.

Is there an estimate at all for arrival of three cell batteries, or is there not yet a shipping plan to get them? This would be helpful to know for those of us who ordered them so we can perhaps change to 4 cells as opposed to waiting indefinitely for the 3 cells.

Still waiting indefinitely :slight_smile:

we’re at the mercy of our supplier here unfortunately. Once we have an update from them, we’ll be sure to make an announcement. But given the issues we’ve had so far, we probably won’t say anything until we have them in hand and ready to ship.

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still hoping for one someday :slight_smile:

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2S battery 7.6V÷2=3.8V vs 3S battery 3.8V×3=11.4V (or 3-cell battery if someone further insists on this term). For what you are hoping does not fit some basic mathematics (we cannot make number of built-in cells relationship obsolete even if we do not want to think how some basics work). Take for example four simple AA battery cells with 1.5V output … and calculate different voltages you can get at its +/− end-poles by connecting them … together (1.5V yes, 6.0V yes and 3.0V yes).

Therefore let me extend what you already noticed and try to bring some fun here (just for getting some more space clarification, which includes clarification related to battery capacity as well, yet it doesn’t solve anything by itself anyway), this 7000mah 2S1P LiHV battery is 19mm high (probably too high to tape/fix it inside of any laptop) but you can still take, only if Librem 14 measurements allow this, one 3500mAh 2S1P LiHV battery, which is 14mm high (or even connect two of those, or similar ones, in parallel).

Above actually serves as to define what 2S2P (please read between my here written lines) means (not more and not less), while for certain related to 4-cell battery (as pictures kindly provided here show).

One of the reasons I purchased the Librem 14 was so that I can replace the battery. It seems though the battery is custom ordered and I have not been able to find a replacement for “Shenzhen Cholipower Technology Model SSBS79 2ICP7/59/73-2 P1M-GBKPUR04 8800mAh 66.88Wh Rated 7.6V Limited Charge 8.7V”. Has anyone been able to find a battery to replace this one?

It’s not working for me. When I go to order (shipping to the US, any state selected) it says:

Shipping There are no shipping options available. Please ensure that your address has been entered correctly, or contact us if you need any help.

Contact Purism support about your order then.

Haven’t had much luck with support on this issue. Brought it up several months ago.

Try again.

If you reach out to support again and still don’t hear back after a while, send me a DM and I can elevate the issue.