Anybody got an optimized kernel config on the latest Librem I can use for gentoo?

Title. Somebody here uses Gentoo right? Looking for a starting config to work off of for when I get my new rig :smiley:


I had gentoo on librem 13v2 - works rather well.
I use vanllia/linus kernel though not gentoo sources (v4.15) but if you want my config i can give it to you. Its not that hard to configure though - the lack of the need for binary blobs etc with the librem hardware made things fairly easy.

For kernel config from what i remember

  1. Select elan mulititouch trackpad drive in kernel, then i think it was synaptics driver for xorg
  2. If i remember right there was some ‘experimental’ setting i had to choose to get the intel graphics hardware acceleration kicking in - but it seemed to run perfectly stable for me.

Only issue i can remember from the rest of the install was xserver had issues compiling with large number of threads compiling with -j1 fixed issue -j2 or something is probably ok.

I don’t actually have the physical laptop (its being shipped back to base for repair) but i can still dig out the config if you still want it.