Anyone else actually confirmed in the fir batch?

I was just wondering if I was the only one .

You are not the only one. However I consider changing to evergreen in case it’s ready to be my daily driver, which I thought deciding upon reviews of the evergreen batch.

In case it wasn’t clear, the Fir batch is more like a Librem 5 v2 rather than a natural extension of Evergreen. I wouldn’t expect Fir before mid-to-late 2022.


I’m not sure I’m “confirmed” but the last email I received from @joao.azevedo on the issue read:

Your batch preference has been updated to Fir.

I agree that we will see Fir 1-2 years after Evergreen, provided the latter is a success sales-wise.

I guess I wasn’t . You also answered my next question which would have been when do you think we’ll see delivery of the fir batch .

I hoping for late 2021 . I do however concede that is an extremely optimistic ship date .

How cool would it be to get the Librem 5 V.2 on or about christmas ??

Hopefully we’re not at war either civil or with china or somebody by 2022. I’m really looking forward to getting my librem 5 .

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Thats the same response I got and then I confirmed I was actually in that batch when I got the evergreen shipping info email when I’d replied to it . So you should be good to go .

this saddens me a lot :frowning: i’l love to have patch fir in Q3 2021


The latest statement i’ve read time a go was fir will be out at the end of 2021 dunno if something is changed, i think purism doesnt know either

Dont think its habbening bud lol Im wondering considering the lack of anything regarding a fir batch if its even going to habben at this point .

I pray im wrong .