Anyone having issues with Online Accounts?

Logging into Google or Librem One presents the errors: “Insecure Browser” and “TLS Error Connection Closed” respectively.

I have the same problem. For me the strangest part is that Gnome Web on my Librem 14 can bypass the issues and works for everything, but Gnome Web on my Librem 5 is told by Google that this is an insecure browser. If it was just Google I wouldn’t really care since Google sucks anyway and seemed to be actively hostile against my personal move to non-Android, using 2FA systems even when I disable my 2FA settings (and they were Android only 2FA despite me moving SIM to the L5).

But it seems like the problem isn’t only Google. Even Proton Mail tells me that Gnome Web/Epiphany is not allowed on the L5, supposedly because it does not include the necessary cryptographic APIs to decode Proton Mail’s client side decryption of messages.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I bought a Librem 14 as well because I liked the Librem 5, then realized that despite claims of convergence and that the software was supposedly the same on both, in my case for some reason it is not the same. And these systems like Google and Proton allow the Librem 14 to log in just fine.

Anyway, until somebody fixes whatever is going on with the Byzantium repo, I’ve been using Firefox on the L5 for these use cases that fail in Epiphany.
But of course, Firefox is not great and was taken over by Google to be the sponsored opposition or whatever, and per other threads on this forum:

  • Firefox gets >80% of their revenue from Google
  • Firefox by default on the Librem 5 will open a connection to a Mozilla “cloud app” running on a Google Cloud server IP (presumably rented by Mozilla) and this connection remains open for the duration of the lifetime of the Firefox process, unless as a user you manipulate advanced settings to kill it off

I should try Amber on my other L5 to see if it’s even an issue in Amber…