Anyone heard of Encrypted SIM card? Are they legit?

Hi there guys. I’m just trying my best to get around safely, I been hearing about encrypted sim cards, theres a website called that sell them. They make some wild claims about what their sims can do, for example not broadcasting IMEI or IMSI, never connection the closest cell tower etc.

What I want to know is forget if their legit to start with, is if what they claim to be able to do is even possible to start with, I asked ChatGPT but the answers a vague, so i’d like to ask a group of security experts is what they claim to do even possible in the first place or is it just a selling strategy… They also claim you can spoof calls direct on a normal call, is that possible either?

Never heard of this, looks interesting for sure. If others have had experience I’d be interested too.

Given how cellular networks work and what SIMs do in a phone, I don’t see how this could be true.


True, upon closer inspection there are a few question marks here.

Doesn’t look to be a legal registered company and their privacy policy is very bare, which does seem a little strange for legit company. Also says its a “Russian Sim” but doesn’t really explain how any of the technology works. Data also looks very pricey.

Not very transparent. Although, I do like the idea.

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I highly doubt their claims are possible, but feel free to contact them and see what they respond with to your inquiries. I can at least tell you that if their contact information lists an email address, Whatsapp, Telegram, and Signal, then it is very unlikely their claims hold up, since they could have simply used their “PGP encrypted” SIM card alone instead.

If you do contact them, mention about their “Privacy Poilicy”.

You mean the SIM card does not control that, it is rather the modem that decides which cell towers to connect to and such things?

What exactly is in the SIM card, is there anything a SIM card could do to try to be more private?

I recommend Harald Welte’s talk:

(and if you’re interested in that, you’ll likely find his other talks interesting as well: - Search for person "LaForge LaF0rge")


If you can determine of more than 100K of their customers are out of Ft.Fumble and Langley, they probably have a legit customer base. (Or a contract.)

I bought a sim of them to try my luck, all features do seem to work as they claimed, so got to give them that one. Voice changer worked, caller ID changer works, my mate got a IMSI catcher, we gave it a go trying to catch the signal and it actually didn’t catch.

So I gotta give them my vouch for now.

Which IMSI catcher? Did you test it with your old SIM card too?

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