Anyone in RUSSIA need a Librem laptop?


I know that many people in Russia would like to buy a Librem laptop but are rightfully concerned the U.S. or Russian security services might “do something” to the laptop while it’s at the international border.

Anyways, I live in the U.S. and am heading to Russia in a bit. I can have a laptop shipped within the U.S. to my home (unlikely to be opened by anyone in this case).

I can only take two laptops with me due to customs rules. I will be in St. Petersburg. I can meet you there in a public location near the Hermitage (this is best for me) or I can ship it to you when I’m within Russia (for an added cost).

If you’re interested, let me know before June 15th, 2019 so we can plan everything out.


You know, in threat modeling, you are just another unrelated part of the supply chain, and
can eliminate only one part of the problem, if any, which is direct targeting by the name of the
recipient :slight_smile:
However that means the recipient will need to trust mr. Honestly random good guy here. See it?
Thanks for the willingness to help others anyway.

Your unsolicited opinion was precisely that—unsolicited—as it is of no unique nor novel value whatsoever to anyone who would want a Purism product in the first place.

Anyone reading this thread would’ve realized what you said before anything else.

“However that means the recipient will need to trust mr. Honestly random good guy here”

-Which is precisely why I said, in so many words, to get in touch with me. The decision to do so or not thereafter is the buyer’s.

“Thanks for the willingness to help others anyway.”

-Exactly all I was offering, nothing more.


Добрый день. Как часто Вы бываете в России?