Anyone in Southern US able to help me set up PureOS 10 in L5 USA?

Hello all! I am a super noob - the closest thing to coding I’ve ever done is enter a referral code on my old iphone lol. I purchased 2 L5 USAs for my wife and I. I use mine as a daily driver with AweSIM even though it won’t make calls. My wife is pretty annoyed and continues to use her iphone. If there is anyone who can help me in person or through zoom update the phones to byzantium, maybe I can win her over and get more functionality out of the phone. I can pay for your time!

Thanks so much for any help! I truly believe in this cause :slight_smile:


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I can’t help you out because I am far away in Europe and do not have the L5 US…

But I wanted to reply that you deserve all my respect buying (based on what you describe about your knowledge) two L5 to convince even your wife. You are a real Linux enthusiast. Good luck!


Hi, @abundance,
I’m also not nearby, but just wanted to point you to my post about my re-flash experience, which turned out to be relatively easy:

But how easy it might be for you depends on how familiar you are with Linux, and whether you’re using the latest Ubuntu version or some other OS.

If you’re not experienced with Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, etc., but have a friend nearby who is, then I’m sure they could easily help you do the re-flash.

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Thanks amarok! I will read your post and see what I can learn. I do know one guy in driving range who knows Linnux but has never seen an L5. I’ll update if I have a positive update!

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All he needs to do is copy and paste the commands as laid out in the links I provided (some of which won’t be needed if he’s using the latest Ubuntu version). Should be super simple.

One thing, though: if you want disk encryption, you have to choose the correct image to flash. (i.e. version of the image with LUKS encryption; I think it’s explained in that thread/my post.)

Okay perfect! And how do determine the correct image to flash? Or where can I learn more about it?

I’ll let someone who flashed the LUKS version reply with the exact variant name. I don’t want to mislead you.

Or someone from Purism: @dos, @joao.azevedo?

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$ ./librem5-flash-image --help
usage: librem5-flash-image [-h] [--dir DIR] [--dist DIST] [--skip-cleanup] [--skip-flash] [--download-attempts DOWNLOAD_ATTEMPTS] [--variant {plain,luks}] [--board {devkit,librem5r2,librem5r3,librem5r4}]
                           [--debug] [--image-job IMAGE_JOB] [--uboot-job UBOOT_JOB] [--udev]

Flash a Librem 5 or Librem 5 Devkit.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --dir DIR             Download files to dir (instead of a temporary directory)
  --dist DIST           Download an image for this distribution, default is 'byzantium'
  --skip-cleanup        Skip temporary directory cleanup
  --skip-flash          Do all the preparations but don't flash
  --download-attempts DOWNLOAD_ATTEMPTS
                        Maximum number of attempts to resume image download. 0: unlimited, default is 10
  --variant {plain,luks}
                        Image variant to download ( plain, luks ), default is 'plain'
  --board {devkit,librem5r2,librem5r3,librem5r4}
                        Type of the board to download ( devkit, librem5r2, librem5r3, librem5r4 ) default is 'auto'

Testing and debugging options:
  --debug               Enable debug output
  --image-job IMAGE_JOB
                        Jenkins job to download the image from
  --uboot-job UBOOT_JOB
                        Jenkins job to download the uboot from

Initial setup options:
  --udev                Setup udev rules to flash without root permissions

The part you’re asking for is:

  --variant {plain,luks}
                        Image variant to download ( plain, luks ), default is 'plain'
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So the image name will be librem5-flash-image --variant luks, right?

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Thanks so much!

Thanks again! Let’s see how it goes

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Thanks guru! Purism (and all of you who are likeminded) has been a major source of inspiration for me. Specifically, the way Purism took on a seemingly impossible challenge, because it was the right thing to do, and have thus far succeeded. Similarly, I started a company ( to create affordable DIY decentralized housing. We all have to build the ethical future that we want to see! We have partnered with qortal to offer raspberry pi mini computers that will mint crypto in the background of your off-grid home using only 5 watts of electricity. I would like to promote purism as our preferred hardware solution for mobile and laptop. All that to say you guys are awesome and the respect is mutual!


If it’s still under warranty and you are a self-described “super noob”, I would contact Purism support for help with flashing byzantium since, as you imply, if you are still running amber, there are many things that you are missing out on.

As @amarok says, in order to flash you will need an x86_64 computer running Linux (hence I would avoid a Raspberry Pi).

Update: Our local Linux contact was able to update us to PureOS 10! Thanks everyone for your feedback here - it was useful!


Cool. Glad you’ve got byzantium now.