Anyone Successfully Run WayDroid on Librem 5?

I’ve seen people mention it as an option in a few threads, but I don’t remember anyone saying they had actually run any apps with WayDroid on the L5. I would be very curious about any reviews along these lines.


So far I got this:


@etam which Waydroid installation instructions did you follow? If you used the Ubuntu/Debian one then which distro did you use?

This one: and used DISTRO=“bullseye”


I built and installed waydroid from source after, and I got as well, on my L5 running byzantium.

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That it is a Mesa issue, Pure System need ship newer Mesa like v22

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Thanks for the tip.

I’ve backported and installed libdrm 2.4.110-1 and mesa-22.0.5-1 (former required by the latter) on my L5. It doesn’t change anything regarding unfortunately.


Try editing /var/lib/waydroid/waydroid_base.prop to


You made my day!
I previously had:


After replacing gbm with default the Waydroid UI showed up \o/


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I’ve successfully installed F-Droid, but it fails updating the repository because of unavailable network. Is there any recipe to have networking?

systemctl disable dnsmasq

$ sudo systemctl disable dnsmasq
Failed to disable unit: Unit file dnsmasq.service does not exist.

try: sudo apt install dnsmasq && sudo systemctl enable dnsmasq && sudo reboot
check if work with that command, if not work try again: systemctl disable dnsmasq

I hate systemD.

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Thanks again for your help.

I didn’t install dnsmasq eventually : after restarsting the waydroid-container service and launching waydroid again it worked. Weird…

Good it working and just for the record is that with: ro.hardware.gralloc=default it work but slow until Mesa fix the bug then change to: ro.hardware.gralloc=gbm for faster render.

I want to say too that i never used Waydroid on L5, because i think that for android apps exist android os.


Do you have a pointer on an open issue for this mesa bug?

Well no. There are apps that people NEED and that are only released for iOS and Android.
Example 1: Apps for booking paid parking in the city.
Example 2: Apps for second factor authentication for banks.

As one could need these functionalities anywhere anytime, if one does not have them on Librem 5, then you are forced to carry an Android/iOS phone with you everywhere, which destroys most of the sense of using Librem 5 to avoid corporate surveillance.

It is a pity that a state parking app developed with tax payers money is available only for iOS and Android, but this is also understandable as the market for mobile Linux is currently close to 0% of the population and as such app makes sense only for mobile devices as you would not start your notebook in order to click on “start counting my paid parking duration now”.


To summarize my current working Waydroid on L5 configuration:

  • Up to date PureOS byzantium

  • Kernel 5.18

  • libdrm 2.4.110-1 (backported from Debian testing) (*)

  • mesa 22.1.3-1 (backported from Debian unstable) (*)

  • Waydroid 1.2.1 built from source after

  • These settings added to the default /var/lib/waydroid/waydroid_base.prop:


(*) Not sure these are needed when Waydroid is configured with ro.hardware.gralloc=default.

Waydroid performs better than Anbox. I’ve been able to install F-Droid, then Aurora Store (via F-Droid), then (via Aurora Store) the app I need to authenticate to my $dayjob VPN.

However when switching from an app to the other, Waydroid often needs a full restart to avoid crashes.


updating /var/lib/waydroid/waydroid_base.prop got waydroid started, but it crashes a lot (even spontaneously triggering phosh lockscreen) and keeps telling me that “trebuchet has stopped working”… anyone encountered that issue or should I just remove everything and reinstall from scratch?
I used the bullseye repo package (bookworm does not install on pureos)

Trebuchet restarting also here :frowning: I removed it…

waydroid app remove
sudo systemctl restart waydroid-container