Anyone Tried CLAWS?

For the email function only.

This past month I signed up my only goal was to get as an email. So the web site tells you if you are using a linux platform to install Thunderbird, pgp, and enigma.

OK find I did that, and it works. Cool.

But in the back of my mind since I had been using Claws with my former email, would Claws also have worked with pgp and enigma add-ons in

I was rather fond of Claws ability to file your messages in folders with Control-O. In Thunderbird, if you want to file a message in a subfolder, you have to drag and drop. (If there is a keyboard shortcut in T-bird for filing I haven’t found it.)

ctrl-shift-M if repeatedly filing to the same folder?

I’ve not used CLAWS, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work as you describe. Give it a try? Adding another mail client to your system won’t hurt anything.

I’m personally becoming a fan of the “Evolution” mail client.

Good, maybe you are a fan of this as well?

GNOME Evolution through 3.28.2 is prone to OpenPGP signatures being spoofed for arbitrary messages using a specially crafted email that contains a valid signature from the entity to be impersonated as an attachment.

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Was not aware of that particular CVE so thanks for the heads up. Currently on 3.30.

Does not appear to work. I tried:


(In case case mattered).

Maybe there is an add-on for filing functions?

In Claws with Ctrl-o you get a pop up windown and get to choose a folder. Works with a selection of multiple messages also.

Just woke up. Thanks for all the replies.

Yes I may give Claws an attempt this weekend when I have time to reconfigure stuff. (This is begging another question. Will do a new one, complete with grammar and a question mark for the pedantic among us.

Now I have to go to work (8 hours), then after that an old D&D game (4-5 hours)

Saturday I’ll have a boardgame using S&Ts Starforce “Alpha Centauri” from 1974. (6 hours)

Sunday, reboot the mainframe and then turn on Critical Item Update to a database (1 hour). Then Father’s day festivities.

My weekend is almost fully booked.

In the Message menu, Move to “xxx” Again where xxx is a mail folder name. On my Thunderbird, the menu shows the above suggested shortcut key next to the menu item.

I would suppose that in order for it to work a) you have to have most recently moved a mail message to folder xxx and b) you have to have a mail message selected.

I only have two Add-Ons installed and I don’t think either is relevant.

On the subject line.

I just configured CLAWS, it works just fine. (Not worried about enigma.)