Anyone Use Certbot?

I have my iPhone until the Librem5 is sent to all of us. Anyone know how to set up and use Certbot to create a certificates we can import into iOS?

Any insight or help will be awesome.


Are you sure you understand the scope of Let’s Encrypt and certbot/ACME protocol?
What are you trying to achieve in this scenario?

Certbot is just a wrapper to get a signing request from LE, which in place you will install on your server.
This has nothing to do with your hardware or anything else, unless you plan to run a webserver(?!) on iOS
or Librem.
There is nothing tricky here, and has absolutely nothing to do with iOS. In fact you can run it via a web
interface as well since it has absolutely nothing to do with device security (FDE) or some other security like GPG.
All it does is helping you getting a free SSL certificate for a webserver, regardless of the implementation.


Maybe I am attempting to use the wrong vehicle. I have an iPhone and trying to figure out a way to send encrypted emails.

My understanding is that Certbot can generate a certificate so I can do just that.

If you have ideas, I am all ears :-).



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My understanding is that Let’s Encrypt does not support certificates for email signing or email encryption (or code signing for that matter).

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