Anyone want to buy a unused Librem 14 laptop?

I bought this laptop.

They tell me the Librem Key is in. my package. It’s not.

I still can’t get support answers on this.

I can’t boot up. I’m an infinite loop of “No GPG” key so I can’t log in.

No answers.

I’m not a techie – bought this because I read reviews that it was a good, privacy laptop.

But apparently one must be a techie to use this.

Nevermind. I’m a business owner who cared about privacy.

So now I’m left with an $1800 hunk of metal.

Who wants to buy it? Where I can sell it? What a waste.

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You can sell it here, giving:

  • your asking price
  • your location (country)
  • countries / regions you are willing to ship to
  • specification (e.g. disk type and capacity, amount of ram, battery type)
  • included accessories
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Thanks. I’ll post that all tomorrow!

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Great. L14 it is the best x86 Privacy Laptop ATM.

May they still on holidays. :joy:

No worries just Reburn the BIOS for Coreboot from an external e.e.p.r.o.m Burner and should be work!

Be patient as Purism is a Good small company.

Sorry to hear you’re a Gnu baby. I own one L14 and it work really nice. Last week i dust off and i got to work fully Vulkan Acceleration.

Is true that it need a Good knowledge in Gnu System, otherwise it will broken.

Does not.

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I’m very sorry to hear that you had this experience with your Librem 14. If you send me a private message including your order number, I will investigate how we can rectify the situation with your missing Librem Key, why/how the support department failed to assist you, and how Purism can re-earn your trust as a valued customer.


Support has reached out to you describing the option to skip boot verification and ignore tamper detection, so you should be able to boot and use the computer in lieu of a Librem Key replacement. In addition, please check out PureBoot Getting Started Guide - Purism - Librem products documentation for more information about PureBoot and how to reset/configure your system. If you still have questions, please feel free to ask here or (ideally) place an issue directly on the repository here so that the guide can be clarified and improved for everyone.

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If the OP decides not to sell, there are three options.

  1. Fix the problem - which is partly one of documentation.
  2. Switch Pureboot to Basic Mode.
  3. Switch from Pureboot to Coreboot.

This isn’t the first post to say, effectively, “Pureboot is too complex” - so maybe there is an opportunity to push some product feedback up the line, and indeed to gather more product feedback.


Providing multiple firmware options on the product listing, along with their respective descriptions, plus #2 as the PureBoot default, would make for a solid suggestion.

Pureboot Basic appears to be the default in the Purism Shop. This makes sense because the Librem Key costs money and so you have to add it your order and without the Librem Key the customer should at least get a result that works. However …

I would like to say that only Pureboot + Librem Key is actually secure (always subject to what your threat model is). So I really would like to see some Product Manager attention on making it easier for newbs to have a secure computer. @JCS ?

It would appear that ordering with Coreboot is not offered in the shop.

As you say, documentation starts at the time of sale i.e. make sure that the customer understands the options that are available to buy.


Looks like the “Coreboot + SeaBIOS” option was removed from the Librem 14 and Mini v2 product listing. I do recall it existing during the time I purchased the Librem 14 a few years back.

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I’m in a similar situation and could use some help as well. I have not received a response from support since Monday. Can you private message me?

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The support team has recently returned from their public holidays and are likely trying to catch up on their ticket queue, but I’ll still message you as requested.

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Not sure if this is off-topic, but in case it is relevant: I ordered a Librem 14 in August 2023 and at the time Coreboot was still an available option in the dropdown.

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