Anyone with their librem 13/15 care to share pics/video?

As the title says. Anyone who has their laptop can you please share a video or picture here.
There is a stunning lack user photos in the wild. I recommend Imgur for sharing the photos or whatever else you prefer.

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sure, here’s one:

well that image embed didn’t seem to work, here’s a link

This forum software is kinda annoying … it’s nice that one doesn’t have to log in, but on the other hand posts can’t be edited, and it sometimes takes a couple of hours for a post to show up.

Looks really good. Makes me wish I got one.

Looks really nice, except for the INTEL sticker on the case, which in my opinion spoils the puristic design.
Hopefully it can be scraped off easily…

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God, I couldn’t agree more!

Not only does it make it look like a Windows laptop, but it’s a vivid reminder of the only weak spot in these computers: Intel’s Management Engine (ME)

Can we specifically request not to have the sticker?

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But thank you for sharing, Pierce! I hope you’re enjoying it? Any feedback?

I plan on buying one in March, once Qubes is supported on Librem 15.

Are there any Librem 15s out there in the wild, or anywhere else for that matter? I don’t think I’ve seen a single picture, aside from the initial marketing assets. Do they actually exist in any form yet? Anyone got one?

@RightToPrivacy Why not just order one now and load Qubes on it yourself? :stuck_out_tongue:

The build quality is very good. That intel sticker is literally the only branding anywhere inside the shipping box! (except for the info label on the back of the small power brick.) The intel sticker is easy to take off cleanly (similar to most laptops).

The touchpad driver is still a bit disappointing. Moving and clicking work great IMHO. But two-finger scrolling is a bit annoying, tap-to-click is not enabled (though I usually don’t enable it), and I don’t think the psmouse-based driver has any configurability. So we’re waiting for that proper touchpad driver that’s been mentioned in the blog posts last year and is supposed to become available eventually.

Overall I’m very happy about the purchase.

I just found it mentioned in some other threads (eg ) that work on mainlining a newer touchpad driver is in progress

I should also mention, it takes a while to fully charge, I’d estimate over 4 hours.

Just got my Librem 15, and posted its pics straught away :smiley: yay :

Turned out that’s the first time some of my friends heard about Librem, and they’re very interested too :slight_smile: I was only too happy to redirect them to :wink:

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