Anywhere to get a 150w charger? Librem 14 with dead battery keeps turning off unless in tlp bat

Is there anywhere in Australia to get a compatible 150w charger for a Librem 14?
My Librem 14 had battery bloat (barely over a year old) that popped out the touchpad so i urgently removed and dropped off to a battery recycler, but unfortunately the supplied 90w charger doesn’t cut it for general use.
I’m currently running the laptop in tlp bat to prevent from turning off but this makes everything super slow.

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If you are talking about charging via USB-C then best to check in with regarding what the maximum negotiated power can be / what all the negotiated power options are. In other words, if the Librem 14 would never negotiate that high, you won’t benefit from a 150 W charger.

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I’m not talking about USB-C, referring to the AC charger.

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There is slightly more information provided on the wiki, but I suggest contacting Purism support for further details.


Let us know what they respond with so others may benefit from the knowledge as well.

I was told Librem 14 batteries are not available at the moment and ran a script i was provided to get my firmware details, which are:

board: purism/librem_14
version: 1.9_2022-06-30

I was then told to update the firmware via Librem-EC on Purism Devices – Purism however this seems like a dangerous task given i have no battery at the moment and i’m concerned the machine may turn off mid update. I replied advising i don’t have a battery and am awaiting further instructions.

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Sure, you can also use an uninterruptable power supply for some insurance.

Power interruption isn’t the issue. The problem is, when the machine pulls more power it turns off, hence why i’m running it with ‘tlp bat’ enabled. If i’m doing a firmware update and the fans kick in and it pulls more power it’ll turn off.

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Okay, if the fans are a power draw issue, you can disassemble the Librem 14 and detach both of them, along with any other affecting components.

The fans might be a symptom rather than a cause.

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I think it’ll be the CPU that does it. Would the firmware upgrade use much CPU power?

I only remember Coreboot and PureBoot generously using the CPU, not the EC firmware. That being said, I do not update the EC firmware as much since their releases are less frequent.

Alright all, looks like that worked! I was able to update the firmware. I’m back in the OS again now and so far so good. Everything runs without needing ‘tlp bat’ to be enabled. Fans have kicked in a few times and the machine hasn’t turned off.