App for unzip, ...on librem5

Is there an app for the Librem5 for decompressing files?

Yes. This one works and fits well:

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Thank you. But I did not find a working an installable Archiv Manager. I installed File Roller, which does not work well.
Could you please name the App you mean?

File Roller and Archive Manager are actually the same package. The name changed.
The app works for me. I just tested an extraction again.
Then I tested creating a zipped folder. It’s kind of odd, but I think you have to create the folder first, then move files to it. (?)

From what format?

Looks like gzip / gunzip are installed by default, but not zip / unzip.

Depends what you need.

@amarok This makes sense, in a way. The proper way to zip a bunch of files is to have a top level folder that you put them all in, then zip it. It’s always a bad day when you unzip something in your Downloads folder and find out you now have 50 new files and folders interspersed with your existing files because whoever created the zip file didn’t put them all in one folder.

This is one thing I like about KDE’s file manager, the “Extract files and autodetect subfolder” option will automatically create a folder to prevent this from happening if the archive doesn’t have a top level folder.