App/general file type isolation or OS securing without an antivirus

I’ll just leave this links here…must say, I don’t have any involvement with the bromium whatsoever but I like the idea behind

At the moment the latest micro hypervisor AX is not yet opensourced
and if I am not mistaken they are focused on windoze, at the moment

Someone should perhaps speak with Mr. Pratt about a future collaboration ?
I would love to see a ported version of µ-Xen/AX on a future version of libre5 phone even if it’s only for the browsing part

What do you think ?

I see that the cpu i.MX8 should support some form of virtualization feature

Virtualization on the i.MX 8 will enable multiprocessing management for a wide range of applications, including:
Augmented reality (AR)
Device connectivity
Security and application isolation
Integrated cockpit
Virtuosity i.MX 8 Distribution
Supports i.MX 8 virtualization development
Support Services
Provides technical support for your Xen solution
Service plan options to fit your situation”

"It comes with built-in hardware-based virtualization and domain protection. “This is a level of safety protection that no other apps processors have been able to provide before,” Kyle Fox, NXP’s product manager for the i.MX 8 series applications processor, told EE Times.